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Welcome to the 'FOSSIL BEACH' web site!

Cliffs photograph

AmmoniteFossils are the impressions left in the rock from the remains of extinct, prehistoric plants and animals that lived many millions of years ago.

Living ammonite illustrationThese creatures included the dinosaurs, but there were also many other types of animal that lived in those times, particularly in the seas around the south west coast of an island that is now called Great Britain.

At FOSSIL BEACH you can find out how fossils were made, buy genuine fossils, and look for fossils in our Fossil Beach Game.

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There's lots to do at FOSSIL BEACH...

AmmoniteAmmoniteAt 'Fossil Beach' you can learn more about fossils, and find out how they were made.

AmmonitePlus, you can find out more about 'Fossil Beach' and how to find fossils yourself.


Beach pebblesIn our Fossil Shop you can buy real fossils from the Jurassic coast.

AmmoniteAnd if you don't live close to anywhere that fossils can be found, you can explore our 'virtual beach' in our 'Fossil Beach' game, and look for fossils there!

Sea and rocks

Ammonite'Fossil Beach' isn't just one place in south west England - it's a number of prime locations in the area, abundant with Jurassic fossils.

We respect the environment, and any real fossils for sale on this web site are only collected from the beach itself, or from cliff falls.

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