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AmmoniteWelcome to the Fossil Beach fossil shop, selling genuine fossils which have been collected in an environmentally-friendly way.

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Ranging from complete specimens to 'beach washed' fossil fragments, there are prices to suit everyone's pocket.

Fossil Beach PackagingUsing our unique FossilCalcTM costing system, you can be sure that the fossils are fairly priced, with prices mathematically calculated based on their size and condition.

The fossils are attractively packaged in re-sealable polythene bags with information enclosed about how fossils are formed.

Size is measured across the widest pointSize is measured across the largest dimension. Click on any of the catalogue images to see a larger version.

We currently specialise in ammonites.

The calatogue is organised into pages, with 10 specimens per page.

Click on a link below to visit a catalogue page and start browsing the collection.

AmmonitePage 1 - Ammonites AmmonitePage 2 - Ammonites AmmonitePage 3 - Ammonites

Please note: This catalogue is not updated in real time, so there is a possibility that a specimen you choose to purchase may have already been bought by someone else. If this happens, we can refund your money, or offer an alternative. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

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We ship worldwide
WorldQuantum Enterprises is based in the United Kingdom, but we will supply worldwide.

We accept all major credit cards

Prices are quoted in UK Pounds Sterling, with an approximate conversion in US Dollars. However, provided you have a valid credit card, we will accept your order from anywhere in the world in any of the main currencies.

Don't worry about converting the UK price into your currency, your credit card company will do this when you make your payment.

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We accept all major credit cards
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