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AmmoniteWhat is a fossil?
Fossils are the impressions left in the rock from the remains of extinct, prehistoric plants and animals that lived many millions of years ago. They may be traces or impressions of a plant or animal, or completely fossilised bones and skeletons, like those of the Dinosaurs.
Click here to find out more about fossils, and how they are formed.

AmmoniteWhat and where is Fossil Beach?
Fossil Beach isn't just one location in South West England. We collect fossils from several prime (and not very well known) locations, either picked from the beach itself, or gently prised from the soft shale in cliff falls.
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AmmoniteDoes fossil hunting damage the environment?
Yes, fossil collecting can damage the environment if no attention is given to the damage that can be done to the location you are removing fossils from, the fossils themselves, and the possible loss of important scientific information. If you are not an expert you should avoid removing fossils from cliffs and you should not use tools such as fossil hammers.
Click here for our Environmental Policy.
Click here for our safety tips on fossil collecting, and how you can ensure you protect the environment in which fossils can be found.

AmmoniteHow can I look for fossils myself?
Click here for our complete guide to fossil hunting, including lots of important safety tips.

AmmoniteWhere can I find out more information about fossils?
Click here for links to other fossil, geological, and paleontology web sites.

AmmoniteWhere can I buy fossils?
We have an on-line Fossil Beach fossil shop, selling genuine fossils which have been collected in an environmentally-friendly way.
Ranging from complete specimens to 'beach washed' fossil fragments, there are prices to suit everyone's pocket.
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AmmoniteI don't have a PayPal account, what should I do?
You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a purchase from this site. PayPal now allows you to make a credit card purchase with an account, and will ask if you wish to set up an account once you have finished the transaction.
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AmmoniteWhy doesn't the Fossil Beach game work?
The Fossil Beach games requires javascript to be allowed to run for the link to the game to work. You will also need to have images enabled, as well as animations. If your browser has the option to turn any of these options off, please ensure you turn them on for the game to work.

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