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Handwriting Analysis Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to make it to this page.

Using this very brief form please describe how accurate the handwriting analysis has been. In other words, does the personality chart/description match up with the subject of the handwriting that you used for the analysis?

Now, if the handwriting which was analysed was your own, please STOP before you take any parts of the personality chart/description personally, and give a low mark!. Reflect on what has been indicated, and try and rationalise as to whether you do show any or all of the traits described.

It is obviously easier if you are comparing the personality chart/description with someone else.

The feedback form

Please complete this form, and let us know what you think.

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Score for accuracy of the analysis:- 10 - COMPLETELY TRUE. The personality description of the subject is exactly right!
5 - PRETTY GOOD - At least half of the description was correct.
0 - WRONG! There was absolutely nothing right in the personality description.
How did you find out about this web site?
(e.g. From a friend, search engine, link from other site, site of the day on Please tell us the name of the search engine you used, or the name and web address from the site you found us from, if relevant).

Please give any comments or ask any questions here:-

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