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Handwriting Analysis

Introduction to handwriting analysis

Books about handwriting analysis

Certificate Of Handwriting Analysis - Purchase your report as an attractive certificate.

The Computer Analysis - (Giving examples of the full output from the Graphonomizer computer software).

Courses - Learn about Graphonomy with our weekly electronic correspondence course.

Disclaimers and liabilities

Example Of Reports & Certificates.

Feedback - Once you have received your handwriting analysis report, here is your chance to tell us how accurate you thought it was. We are always looking to improve our service, and the Graphonomizer computer software.

Feedback Results - See what some of our customers have said, and view the average scores awarded for accuracy of handwriting analyses to date.

The FREE analysis - Instructions on how to take part in the FREE Interactive Handwriting Analysis on-line.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Some of the common questions asked about the handwriting analysis services.

Full Handwriting Analysis Service - How to send a handwriting sample to
Quantum Enterprises for analysis (including scanned handwriting samples).

Services and Prices

Graphonomizer Software

Graphonomy 'E-Course' - Learn about Graphonomy with our weekly electronic correspondence course.

Home Page - The main page.

How and why can handwriting say so much?

How to produce a handwriting sample

How to send a handwriting sample to Quantum Enterprises for analysis (including scanned handwriting samples).

The Science Of Graphonomy - How handwriting can say so much. (See also Introduction)

Links to other Graphology resources on the Internet


Privacy Statement

Questions About The Handwriting To Be Analysed
Once you have read the instructions, these are the questions that you will be asked about the handwriting.

Quick Start - Skip the detailed instructions and get straight down to the analysis.

Results of Feedback - See what some of our customers have said.

Send a Scanned Handwriting Sample by E-Mail

Send a Hard Copy Handwriting Sample in the Post

‘The Hidden Language Of Your Handwriting’ - Find out how to obtain the book.

Un-Returnable Handwriting Analyses (E-Mail address wrong) - Still waiting for your analysis? See if your name is here, or look at the Frequently Asked Questions for other reasons why you may have not received your report yet.

What you will need to do an analysis

Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting Fonts Main Page - Turn your own handwriting into a True Type Font!

Help & Tips - How to install, use, and get the best from your handwriting font.

Services - Links to all handwriting font services

The Vault Fault - Free handwriting fonts!

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