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Handwriting Analysis Gift Ideas

GiftMost of the services and products we supply will make unique, memorable gifts for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions.

Here are some gift ideas for you to make that special gift which will never be forgotten.

Full handwriting analysis services  Full Handwriting Analysis Service - FREE Gift Certificates!

FREE Handwriting Analysis Gift CertificateYou can now specify that a handwriting analysis is a gift when you place your order (the option is on the form). When we receive a gift certificate order will we send a personalised gift certificate as a PDF file with your order confirmation AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, which you can print out and provide as part of the gift.
Handwriting reports can be sent by e-mail as web page files, or for that extra touch we produce beautiful handwriting analysis certificates with decorative border, classic font and gold embossed certificate seal.
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Handwriting font creation!  Turn Your Handwriting Into A True Type Font! - FREE Gift Certificates!

Handwriting fontOne of our most popular services, and a wonderful gift for someone. Imagine being able to type your own handwriting on your computer! We can convert any handwriting into a Windows or Mac OS True Type Font. All you need to do is get your gift recipient to fill in some simple forms (which can be e-mailed to us for speed).
Handwriting Font Gift CertificateIf you specify this as a gift when you place your order (the option is on the form) will we send a personalised gift certificate as a PDF file with your order confirmation AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, which you can print out and provide as part of the gift.
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Handwriting analysis e-course  The Graphonomy 'E-Course'

If you know someone who is interested in handwriting analysis and would like to learn more, why not enrol them on our 'Graphonomy E-Course' (twenty week electronic correspondence course)? At the end of the course they will also receive a 'Certificate Of Completion' to confirm that they have finished the course.
If you enrol someone, please ensure you specify that name, e-mail address and postal address of the person you are enrolling.
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Handwriting analysis books  Handwriting Analysis Books

We are affiliated with Amazon, and have links to the latest available handwriting analysis books. Books are always a great gift, so click below to purchase a handwriting analysis book for someone who is interested in the subject.
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Handwriting products  Handwriting Products

Go here tro purchase a signature grid to help you accurately measure signature size.
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Gift Certificates

Handwriting Analysis Gift Certificates

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