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Handwriting exampleTake a look at your handwriting. What is it like? How large is it?
By how much does it lean?
Does it lean to the left or to the right?
Do you dot all of your 'i's?
Many, more questions can be asked about handwriting, and the answers can be extremely revealing.

With this unique FREE service, you will be given detailed instructions on how to create (or find) the most revealing type of handwriting sample . You will then be taken through a series of questions about the handwriting you have created or obtained, with illustrations and examples to guide you.

The Free Report
Example of a free handwriting analysis reportWhen the answers to the questions have been received, the results will be automatically transferred to the Graphonomizer computer program, which will use the scores to compile a personality bar chart and a written personality profile.

The chart shows the scores for the eight personality traits of the subject (independence, assertiveness, submissiveness, perfectionism, ambition, aggression, extraversion and worldliness), scoring from 0 to 10 on each.

This report is delivered straight to your screen within a few seconds of you submitting your answers, so there's no waiting around.

The personality profile will be 3 paragraphs upwards (500 - 1,200 words), depending on the number of characteristics shown in the handwriting.

The FREE analysis provides a complete and full report, with no further obligation to purchase anything, although some feedback would be much appreciated.

Example of a personality chartRather than looking at your own handwriting, you may want to analyse the handwriting of a friend or colleague, husband or wife, brother or sister, potential employee, or even a potential lover.

Try and find a handwriting sample which best meets the requirements given in these instructions, and answer the questions accordingly.

All results of analyses conducted will remain the confidential property of the instigator of the analysis, and you are reminded that the information obtained through analysing the handwriting of another person may be sensitive, so be careful how you use it. If in doubt, please see the disclaimer.

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Other Services
We offer a full handwriting analysis service too...

If you do not wish to take part in the FREE analysis service, but would rather a more experienced person do the analysis for you, then you have the option to mail the handwriting sample to our laboratory for full analysis. Your report will include a special summary written by Andrew Hunt, author of the Graphonomizer software. [ Click here for more information ]

The same unique computer program will be used for the analysis, and you will have the option to receive the results by e-mail or sent to you as an attractive 'Certificate Of Analysis' in the post. Whichever way you choose, you'll find that the price and service is extremely competitive.

Certificate Of Handwriting Analysis

Other services include a Graphonomy E-Course (twenty week handwriting correspondence course) to teach you how to discover the secrets within handwriting.

We can even convert your handwriting into a True Type Font!

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