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The FREE Handwriting Analysis Service

Here's how it works:-

  • Read the instructions to find out how to produce (or find) some handwriting which is the best for analysis.
  • View some examples of handwriting analysis reports.
  • Answer a series of simple on-line questions about the handwriting sample you have written, or obtained.
  • Press the 'submit' button and receive a full personality chart featuring eight personality traits, and a 500 - 1,200 word personality description about the subject.
  • [Optional:] Tell everyone else about this web site and leave us some feedback!

There are no obligations and the information you provide (if any) will not be passed on to anyone else. PLUS - you are allowed an unlimited number of FREE handwriting analysis reports.

We also offer a full handwriting analysis service, handwriting analysis course and can turn your handwriting into a True Type font for your computer.

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