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The Full Handwriting Analysis Service

Here is a fantastic opportunity to have your handwriting analysed by the author of the unique GraphonomizerTM computer program as used by this site. Cut out the guess-work about any handwriting characteristics you are unsure about, and let an experienced person answer the questions for you!

Every aspect of the handwriting is examined
In our fully equipped handwriting analysis laboratory, we will use optical and digital enhancement of the handwriting sample, plus a signature grid and other measuring equipment, to carefully examine all aspects of the handwriting.

By following some simple instructions for creating a suitable handwriting sample, and printing out and filling out the Handwriting Analysis Submission Form, you will be on the way to receiving a full personality chart featuring eight personality traits, and a 500 - 1,200 word personality description about the subject.

You get more than just the GraphonomizerTM report
Your full handwriting analysis report will also include a short summary of the analysis results which will be specially written for your analysis by Andy Hunt, our in-house Graphonomer. This summary will tie together the personality facets described by the Graphonomizer software, and round off the report with a unique review of the characteristics found.

Example of gold embossed certificate sealPurchase your report as an E-Mail, or a full 'Certificate Of Handwriting Analysis'
You have the option of having the results of the analysis returned to you promptly by e-mail in HTML (web page) format (like in the free service), or printed and presented attractively as a 'Certificate Of Handwriting Analysis' and mailed back to you in the post.

The certificate is from 3 to 5 pages and uses a classic font on bordered paper to present the handwriting analysis as an exquisite certificate, complete with a gold embossed certificate seal and signature of authenticity from the author of the Graphonomizer software.

Examples of both services can be seen on the right.

The choice is yours.

Important Note: The handwriting analysis service we provide is for entertainment purposes only. We do not provide services such as signature comparison, handwriting verification, forgery detection, or any service which would be connected with criminal investigation.


Price in UK £ Sterling

Price in US $* (approx.)

WorldQuantum Enterprises is based in the United Kingdom, but we will supply worldwide.

We accept all major credit cards

Prices are quoted in UK Pounds Sterling, with an approximate conversion in US Dollars. However, provided you have a valid credit card, we will accept your order from anywhere in the world in any of the main currencies. Don't worry about converting the UK price into your currency, your credit card company will do this when you make your payment.

The E-mail report is usually returned within 7 days of receipt.
Please allow for international postal delays for reports sent by conventional mail.
Credit card debits will be securely made in your own currency.
*Based on an exchange rate of 1.50. Please check the current exchange rates.

Payment may be made in the following ways:

  • On-line via the PayPal secure credit card transaction service.
  • International Money Order (in Pounds Sterling)
  • Cheque (UK only)
  • Postal Order (UK only)

Please make Money Orders, Postal Orders and Cheques payable to 'Quantum Enterprises'

Handwriting analysis report returned by E-MAIL
£ 15.00
(No added shipping costs)
$ 22.50*
(No added shipping costs)
Handwriting analysis report returned by POST as a 'Certificate Of Handwriting Analysis' £ 20.95
(Plus handling & shipping)
$ 31.35*
(Plus handling & shipping)

How To Place Your Order

Before continuing, you need to decide how you are going to send your handwriting sample to Quantum Enterprises. You have two choices:
- Posted in the mail
- Attached to an e-mail message

Sending A HARD COPY Handwriting Sample By POST
- Advantages

Sending your handwriting sample by post ensures that we see the original handwriting, and are able to detect the subtle pressure differences that would not be detected in a scanned image.
You do not have to worry about the technicalities of ensuring that you scan the handwriting at the right resolution. If you're not very technically minded, you may want to avoid the scanning option.
- Disadvantages
It's slower, and it costs you extra for the postage stamps to mail the samples.

[ Instructions on how to send a HARD COPY handwriting sample by POST ]
These instructions will take you through the process step by step, ending on the payment page where you can place your order on-line, or find out how to send payment using other methods.

Sending A SCANNED Handwriting Sample By E-MAIL
- Advantages
It's quicker. We receive your handwriting sample almost as soon as you have sent it, and, if you opt for an E-Mail Report you could receive your handwriting analysis report a lot sooner.
There are no additional postage costs to send the handwriting sample.
- Disadvantages
Provided you follow the instructions correctly, the scanned image of the handwriting will be sufficient to reveal most important handwriting characteristics. However, scanned images do not reveal all information regarding handwriting pressure and pressure irregularities. By submitting a scanned image of the handwriting you are acknowledging that some aspects of the handwriting may not be detected, or detected with less accuracy than that of an actual handwriting sample.
The instructions for creating a satisfactory scanned image are quite complex. We've tried to make them as easy to follow as possible, but if you're not very technically minded, you may want to avoid this method.

[ Instructions on how to send a SCANNED handwriting sample by E-MAIL ]
These instructions will take you through the process step by step, ending on the payment page where you can place your order on-line, or find out how to send payment using other methods.

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The E-Mail Version

E-Mail Handwriting Analysis Report
If you choose to have your report sent by e-mail it will look very similar to the free reports offered by our service.

The report will include a personality bar chart and personality description as well as a special summary by Andy Hunt, our Graphonomer.

[ Example of an E-Mail report ]

Certificate Of Handwriting Analysis

Certificate Of Handwriting Analysis (Front Page)

[ Front Page ]  [ Last Page ]

Example of the front and last page of a 'Certificate of Handwriting Analysis'.
Please note that these are scanned copies, and some clarity has been lost to improve download time. The certificate seal is an embossed gold effect self-adhesive 'star'.
The certificate border is a unique "White Vine" design which has been produced by Presentations - a company who specialises in beautifully hand-painted, customised, presentation certificates.

The intermediate pages contain the personality description using the same bordered paper and classic font.

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