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Welcome to the best full FREE HANDWRITING ANALYSIS service on the web!
Here is your chance to take part in a FREE online interactive handwriting analysis and receive a full free handwriting analysis report.

Answer some questions on-line about the handwriting you are interested in and the Graphonomizer, our unique handwriting analysis software, will deliver your FREE report instantly to your computer screen.

Full handwriting analysis servicesWe also offer a full range of handwriting analysis services.

Andy Hunt - GraphonomerHello. My name is Andy Hunt, and I have been practising Graphonomy (the science of handwriting analysis) since 1981 when I purchased the book 'The Hidden Language Of Your Handwriting' by James Greene and David Lewis.
Graphonomizer (TM) Handwriting Analysis Software
When you use our free handwriting analysis service, you will be using a unique piece of software which I originally created in 1992, and adapted in 1996 for use on the World Wide Web. Since then, the Graphonomizer handwriting analysis software has produced many thousands of free analyses.
I warmly welcome you to Handwriting - The Inner Secrets Revealed, and hope that you enjoy your visit here.A D Hunt

Andy Hunt

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Free handwriting analysisFree handwriting analysis - A full, free and complete handwriting analysis report delivered to your screen!
No other website uses our software and produces such accurate results!

"Awesome! got me down to a t! Good to see free stuff like this online one of the most comprehensive reports i have seen 4 free."
- MR (New Zealand)

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Full handwriting analysis servicesHandwriting Analysis Certificate And Magnifying GlassFull handwriting analysis services - We can analyse your handwriting for a very reasonable fee (from £15 [$22.50*]). We also accept scanned handwriting samples.

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Handwriting analysis booksHandwriting analysis books - A fantastic range of handwriting analysis related books.

Handwriting productsHandwriting products - Other handwriting analysis aids.

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Turn Your Own Handwriting Into A True Type Font - Your own handwriting on your computer. Now it's time to make it personal!
PLUS! FREE Handwriting Fonts in the 'font vault'

Four fun and easy steps to your free handwriting analysis report...
1. Find or produce a suitable handwriting sample.

2. Answer the on-line questions about the handwriting.

3. Click the 'Submit' button...

4. Your FULL FREE handwriting analysis report appears on your computer screen in seconds!

Your free report will be from 500 to 1200 words long and will include a personality chart with scores for eight major personality traits.

  • Learn about personality, temperament, intelligence, emotions, stress levels and more...
  • Confidentiality guaranteed.
  • A revealing insight into your own personality.
  • Learn about the emotional well-being of friends or family.
  • Discover hidden secrets about your partner - or potential partner...
  • Find out about the people you work with, or wish to employ.
  • Genealogy - Find out more about your ancestors and enhance your family tree!

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Gift Certificates

Handwriting Analysis Gift Certificates


I am very pleased with the results of this test...They are completely accurate, right down to the tiniest detail (for example my calmness in an emergency situation, my tendancy to use verbal attacks rather than physical and my habit of bottling up emotions until I fly off the handle) I never thought this anylasis would be so in-depth and precise. I'd highly reccomend it to anyone looking to define their personality or just to curb some boredom.
- JE (UK) (10/10)

I appreciate the accurate report, especially about the mention of 'stress' ! I am on a short break. Once I get back, I will enroll for the e-course.
- ME (India) (9/10)

I now have so many people that want me to do an analysis of their writing, that I don't have time for almost anything else. Thanks for the course and the website you keep up.
- M (USA) (10/10)

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Handwriting Analysis Feedback

We'd really appreciate some feedback on the accuracy and quality of your free handwriting analysis report.

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The average score for all feedback to date is:
76.5 %
Tell us how accurate your analysis has been, we will add your score to all the others we have received.

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