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Terms and Conditions

Click here for our general terms and conditions of service. (This will open in a new window and take you to the main Quantum Enterprises website)

Contact Information
The products and services supplied on this web site are from:-

Quantum Enterprises,
4 The Old School House,
Lower Sea Lane,
United Kingdom

Tel. (0)800 689 5156


Quantum Enterprises holds the copyright to all Jig FontsTM and no font may be modified or altered in any way without written permission from Quantum Enterprises. Jig FontTM is a trademark of Quantum Enterprises.You may freely distribute the font files providing no fee is charged. Though not required, a link to the Jig FontTM website would be appreciated.
All graphics are copyright Quantum Enterprises and may not be used, copied, linked to or distributed without written permission.
Direct linking to to Jig FontTM files is not permitted. If you wish to distribute a Jig FontTM from your site please download a copy, request permission from Quantum Enterprises and upload to your server.
Please be advised these Terms and Conditions are subject to future amendments. When revised, the amendments will appear on this page.


Quantum Enterprises can not accept liability for any loss in the event access to the site is temporarily interrupted or suspended without notice due to system failure, maintenance, repair or for reasons beyond our control, such as problems at your service provider.
We reserve the right to refuse images for personal Jig FontsTM if they exceed the 500 kb size limitation.
We reserve the right to refuse to process images which are considered to be pornographic, racist or offensive in any way.
The approval and conversion time periods for personalised Jig FontsTM are a guide and are not legally binding periods for order completion.



Quantum Enterprises believes in the responsible use of personal information. We are not affiliated with any marketing companies who collect email addresses for the purposes of spam. However, we use the following web sites to supplement our services:-
- PayPal card transaction service.
- Constant Contact (E-Mail newsletter)
- PicoSearch search engine.
- Amazon Associates
We do not pass information about users of our site (other than their e-mail address) to these companies or any other parties, and do not use any information supplied unless specifically requested by you to do so.


Other than Constant Contact (our newsletter distribution service provider) we do not give out e-mail addresses to other parties and you will only receive further communication if specifically requested (e.g. by subscribing to a newsletter), or in reply to feedback or comments given.


We do not use 'cookies' to track information on our own server.
Our affiliated services may use cookies to track orders.


We retain the following information:-

E-mail addresses are retained during correspondence so that we can respond to any questions, as required.


We are very conscious of security concerns with regard to the Internet. Credit card information is dealt with by PayPal secure credit card transaction service, and no personal financial details are accessible or used by Quantum Enterprises. To find out more about security of the PayPal service, please visit www.paypal.com


By using this site you agree to accept this privacy policy and are aware that our policy may change with time. Any changes to the policy will appear on this web page.


All Jig FontsTM available on this site are offered as is; Quantum Enterprises can not accept any liability from their use including, but not limited to, loss of data, incomplete downloads, or failure of software as a result of downloading, decompressing or installing any fonts supplied by these services.

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Quantum Enterprises, 4 The Old School House, Lower Sea Lane, Charmouth, Dorset, DT6 6LJ. UK | Tel. +44 (0)800 689 5156
'Jig Font' is a Trade Mark of Quantum Enterprises
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