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We’re very sorry.
Due to a server migration over the last few days our website and email service have been ‘patchy’ to say the least.
Everything is up and running again now, but if you emailed us between 10:00pm BST on 26th August and 10:00am BST 28th August and didn’t receive a reply we probably didn’t see it, so please re-send your message so we can see it and answer.

The Best Is Getting Better – Announcing A Huge Scriptalizer Update – Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that we are currently working on an updated version of the Scriptalizer realistic handwriting font software which will have over 200 additional character variations (making a total of 318) including:-

  • More variations of existing single characters (twice as many)
  • More variations of existing character pairs (twice as many)
  • Another set of numeral variations
  • Variable space characters (2 additional variations)
  • Variable capitals (up to 3 additional variations per letter)
  • New letter pairs (‘of’, ‘ot’, ‘ou’, ‘ve’, ‘wa’, ‘wh’)
  • Variations of common punctuation and symbols (e.g. ! , . @ and many more)

These variations have been requested by customers over the last few years and we are excited to be finally adding them to the Scriptalizer specification.

To keep up to date with news of when the update is released, please subscribe to our main newsletter, Premium ‘Ultra’ font newsletter, or social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

Your Questions Answered

This sounds expensive. Can I still purchase version 5 fonts?

Yes. The new fonts will be version 6. Due to the higher cost of this new font version, we will continue to make the Version 5 fonts (pre-made and custom) available so that customers can choose price versus realism. Version 6 fonts will cost around twice as much as version 5 fonts.

Will I be able to upgrade an existing custom handwriting font to version 6?

Yes, we will provide an upgrade path for existing custom handwriting fonts. We’ll ask you to provide additional handwriting to upgrade the font.

Will you be upgrading the existing pre-made fonts to version 6?

We will upgrade pre-made fonts to version 6 as and when requested and purchased by customers. Once upgraded the version 6 font will be available for general purchase.

Will the single line fonts be available as version 6?

Yes. Just like the standard TrueType fonts, single line fonts will be available as version 5 and version 6.

Can existing single line fonts also be upgraded to version 6?

Yes. In the same way as the standard TrueType fonts can be upgraded, customers will be able to purchase an upgrade to their own custom handwriting font, and existing pre-made fonts.

I have another question, can I contact you?

Yes, please go to our ‘Contact Us’ page to ask our question or leave a reply below.

“Sssoooooooooooooooooo true. From all personality tests tried, this was the truest” – WG (10/10)

Have you tried our FREE handwriting analysis self-test yet? Answer some questions online about the handwriting you are interested in and the Graphonomizer™, our unique handwriting analysis software, will deliver your FREE report instantly to your computer screen. We also offer a full range of handwriting analysis services.

Our handwriting analysis test uses ‘Graphonomy’, which works so well because it has been founded using well-established scientific procedures, objective evidence derived from statistical analysis, and the research studies of many scientific investigators in laboratories throughout America and Europe.

Here are some recent comments from people who have tried the handwriting analysis self-test:-

Brilliant, extremely helpful. Unfortunately, I only had a very small sample of the handwriting, but I cannot believe how much information I got from Andy. Excellent. Great service, always on line if you want some feedback. Amazing

– SH (Ireland) (8/10)

Really great free service, would definitely recommend.

– Rahma A. (United Arab Emirates) (8/10)

The report of my handwriting analysis just blew my mind away. It captured all of my personality traits perfectly!

– FR (India) (10/10)

I’m amazed at how accurate this is, especially because many people don’t see these qualities in me.

– ED (USA) (9/10)

It’s true fact, about my personality

– Aarti Jadhav (India) (10/10)

Wonderful and interesting course!

– Rruchi Shrimalli (India) (10/10)

sssoooooooooooooooooo true. From all personality tests tried, this was the truest

– WG (10/10)

Well, I was staggered at the accuracy of the Analysis. It was almost 100% correct. Only a couple of minor points ‘were not me’.
I have always been intrigued by Graphology and will certainly be studying this subject in much more depth now.

– SP (UK) (9/10)

I am stunned by the report. It exactly mirrored my personality. I would love to share this with my friends. Never did I think it could be this accurate. Thanks

– Khushi Raj (India) (10/10)

I was really quite impressed with how accurate this was even based on how it had me analyzing my own writing and answering questions based on it. Very neat.

– SF (USA) (8/10)

Pretty cool and spot on!

– HS (USA) (9/10)

Check Out the Updated ‘Original’ Round Tuit Website

Have you ever put something off saying “Why do it today when it can be done tomorrow?”

Do you know someone else who has the same attitude?


This is the definitive place to find the finest Round Tuit gifts you can purchase anywhere in the world, including our unique ‘Original’ 100% brass Round Tuit Coins / Medallions.

The new version of the website responds to the size of the screen you view it on and has better, larger images. We’ve also added some useful procrastination links. Why not take a look now?

Are our Single Line Handwriting Fonts Compatible with your Pen Plotter?

Whilst we recommend the AxiDraw pen plotter as the best way to use our single line fonts, customers who don’t own an AxiDraw often ask us if our fonts will work with their machine.

To make it easier to find out the answer to this question we have now produced a Compatability Test Page which contains an SVG document created using one of our single line fonts.

If your pen plotter is able to plot our test document then you know you’ll be safe in purchasing any of our single line fonts.

6 New Pre-Made Premium ‘Ultra’ Handwriting Fonts Added For Download

Plus 12 more converted single line fonts available for immediate download

Our Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting font service produces natural and ‘messy’ handwriting fonts that have additional variation built-in which is added by our unique Scriptalizer(TM) software.

We’ve just added 6 brand new pre-made Premium ‘Ultra’ TrueType fonts for purchase and download.

The fonts, numbered PremiumUltra68 to PremiumUltra76, have a good range of handwriting styles.

Here are previews of the new fonts:-


New Single Line Fonts

Single line fonts are special fonts that works with pen plotters such as the AxiDraw.

The following font numbers are now available for purchase and immediate download:-

PremiumUltra 6, 20, 22, 33, 55, 61, 62, 68, 72, 73, 74, 75.

…You guys do an amazing job! Takes a literal genius to create something like this…

Our single line handwriting fonts, created from real handwriting, are increasing in popularity and our customers have great things to say about them. For example M.F. (USA) recently wrote:-

You guys do an amazing job!  Takes a literal genius to create something like this, and more great minds to keep it going and up to date. Kudos to all of you!


For those people looking for the next level of handwriting font realism there are pen plotters, which use single line (single stroke or open contour) fonts to produce handwritten output. These machines, for example the AxiDraw (pictured), use real pens to mechanically create handwriting from computerised text. This adds additional realism through changes in ink density and the fact that the handwriting is actually written rather than printed. Unfortunately, standard TrueType fonts are unsuitable for such equipment. This is because standard TrueType fonts describe an outline for each character in the font, rather than an actual pen stroke, as per the example below.

Example of a closed outline font

As you can see in the example above, a standard TrueType font is a ‘closed contour’ font and this always produces an outline when sent to a pen plotter or other CNC machine. Every line has to describe a shape and no line can be open ended.

However, there is a way to convert standard TrueType fonts into ‘open contour’ (also known as single line or single stroke) fonts so that the pen only makes a single stroke per line, rather than an outline. The example below is the same font that has been converted to a single line font and written using a pen plotter.

Example of a single line font

This produces the most realistic handwriting effect, with changes in ink density and other ways that pen ink interacts with the paper.

Use the Axidraw Pen Plotter with our single line fonts

With the combination of our single line Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting fonts, the Scriptalizer™ software and a compatible pen plotter such as the AxiDraw, you can now create realistic handwritten documents that were never actually written by a human hand!


Yes, generally speaking. We supply the SVG single line (stroke) font, a TTF single line (stroke) font, and a TTF outline font version of each typeface. Whether or not these fonts will work with your particular software and plotter is generally a matter of which font formats your software and hardware support. Check with the manufacturer in cases of doubt and also see our list of resources.

How to Purchase Our Single Line Fonts

You can purchase pre-made single line handwriting fonts converted from our realistic Premium ‘Ultra’ Fonts, or you can opt to have your own handwriting font converted to single line, either when you order it, or later when you decide you want a single line version of your font. 

>> Browse & Purchase Pre-Made Single Line Handwriting Fonts 

>> Find Out More About the Custom Premium ‘Ultra’ Handwriting Font Service 

>> Order an Existing Font to be Converted to Single Line

Up and Coming Changes To The Scriptalizer API

In order to ensure the smooth running of our Scriptalizer API server we intend to implement the following limits from 12th April 2021: –



From April 12th we will be making the Scriptalizer API code available for self-hosting, with none of the above limits. The code will require a Windows hosting environment. From this date the existing Quantum Enterprises hosted licenced API will increase in price to £99.95 (for all new users), whilst the new self-hosted API will be £49.95 per year.

Please contact us if you think that this affects you.

The Jigsaw Doctor – Pack Your Surrounding Pieces Well!

After we’ve received some damaged/missing surrounding jigsaw pieces in the mail this week we have updated our packaging recommendations on the Jigsaw Doctor website to be more specific about the best way to pack them.

We recommend you place the assembled pieces on a sheet of stiff cardboard then wrap this with cling film (best method) or similar plastic sheet, or paper. Then apply another piece of stiff cardboard on top of the pieces and tape the two pieces of card together.
Use a good quality envelope to send the packaged pieces.

This has been a ‘one in several thousand’ incident, but we want to ensure your surrounding pieces reach us safely, so by following these recommendations there’s a great chance they’ll all arrive intact.

If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.

14 More Pre-Made Single Line Handwriting Fonts Now Ready For Download!

15 New Fonts Added

We’ve converted six more of our realistic Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting fonts wth added character variations to single line versions (svg and ttf formats) for use with the AxiDraw and other pen plotters.

Plus, we’ve added another 15 new single line handwriting fonts to the collection with 8 ready for immediate download and the other 7 usually available in 1 to 2 days after conversion.

How to Purchase Single Line Fonts

You can purchase pre-made single line handwriting fonts converted from our realistic Premium ‘Ultra’ Fonts, or you can opt to have your own handwriting font converted to single line, either when you order it, or later when you decide you want a single line version of your font.

Browse & Purchase Pre-Made Single Line Handwriting Fonts

Find Out More About the Custom Premium ‘Ultra’ Handwriting Font Service

 > Order an Existing Font to be Converted to Single Line