More happy Jigsaw Doctor customers

Here are some recent photos of completed jigsaw puzzles, sent in by happy Jigsaw Doctor customers:

Fabrice Leonard's repaired puzzle

Close up of Fabric Leonard's replacement piece

The above photos show Fabrice Leonard’s (France) repaired jigsaw entitled “The Judgement of Paris and Destruction of Troy”. When sending in his surrounding pieces for replacement Fabric wrote: “You are my last hope to frame this great puzzle. Thanks for your help!”

Roy Best - completed jigsaw

Roy Best - close up of replacement piece

Above are two photos of Roy Best’s Waddingtons jigsaw puzzle featuring ‘Feast Day’ by P. Breughel. Roy wrote, “Have now fitted the piece into the puzzle so at last I can give the wife her table back. … I have attached the repaired area as well, if I can be a little bit critical I thought that the edges could have been better fitted as they do not match the edges to the right hand side of the piece, I understand this is not an easy thing to have made though.”

Alan Ramirez repaired jigsaw (full)

Alan Ramirez (Close up)

Upon receipt of the replacement puzzle piece for his Selgiochi puzzle featuring ‘Reptiles’ by M.C.Escher, Alan Ramirez (USA) wrote, “Thank you so much for your work, there is no way you can tell which piece was the one that was replaced. I’m very happy with the piece and glad that there’s a service out there like yours”.

Astronominal Clock - Prague

When TG received her replacement piece she took the photo above and wrote, “Dear Jigsaw Doctor – thank you very much for your excellent work. I defy anyone to try to pick out the replacement piece!”

Barbara l's repaired jigsaw

Barbara Lambert wrote about her repaired jigsaw puzzle “I am soooooooooooo happy with my puzzle piece! Thank you, thank you, thank you…”
We recently received a photo of her repaired and mounted jigsaw puzzle (above).

Sue Taylor - The Busy Port

‘The Busy Port’ (Action Jigsaws) – Thanks to Sue Taylor (UK)

Sue Taylor - The Diesel Goes Through

‘The Diesel Goes Through’ (Action Jigsaws) – Thanks to Sue Taylor (UK)