“Speed and quality of work on the missing piece is outstanding.”

We’ve had some more great feedback about our replacement jigsaw piece service known as The Jigsaw Doctor.

M.M. (UK) wrote the following about his “Legendary Big 5 Wildlife Studio Collection” jigsaw by RGS Puzzles:-

Easy and efficient to use website. Speed and quality of work on the missing piece is outstanding.

Here is a photo of the repaired jigsaw puzzle:-

G.J. (UK) commented about her “Noah’s Ark by Adrian Chesterman” Jumbo 3,000 Piece jigsaw:-

My new puzzle piece arrived today in the post and I am so happy and pleased with it. I find it amazing how the Jigsaw Doctors have managed to create such a difficult piece and have it fit perfectly to match the colour and shape of the surrounding puzzle pieces. Very happy with The Jigsaw Doctor so thank you very much. I thoroughly recommend this service, they have finally enabled to me get on with gluing my puzzle together and framing it.

Here is the photo she sent of her completed jigsaw:-

C.B. (UK) asked us to repair his 1920’s wooden puzzle by W.G. Evans. On receipt of his three replacement pieces her wrote:-

Thank you for creating the 3 missing pieces, very hard to spot. The rather strange jigsaw is now complete!

Here is a photo of the jigsaw puzzle:-

A.P. (USA) was very happy when she received the replacement pieces for her “Santa’s Express”  Wentworth 250 piece jigsaw. She told us:-

Great job! This puzzle is a wooden one and the pieces match perfectly. My only thought is that if there are 2 pieces together that are missing Puzzle Doctor makes it one. That is really not an issue for the overall look.

Our process does mean that we make two or more adjacent missing jigsaw piece as one larger piece, but as you can see this is not usually an issue for customers, who are pleased just to have that gaping hole filled.

Here is a photo of the finished puzzle:-

Finally, Sheila Burden (UK), who is a returning customer, wrote the following about her “Applejack” by David Barber Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzle:-

Many thanks for my replacement puzzle piece of which I’m absolutely thrilled, it is such a perfect fit and colour match I found it very hard to find it within the other piece’s.
It’s so nice to have my Apple Jack puzzle whole again.

Here is the photo:-

If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.