New Jigsaw Puzzle Websites Launched

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles from the Jigsaw Doctor

We’ve  just re-launched our wooden jigsaw puzzles website, where you can can purchase a range of quality wooden jigsaw puzzles from 30 to 4,420* pieces, with prices starting from only £19.95 ($ 25.90 *) each (plus handling & shipping).

The new website makes it easier than ever to purchase our range of jigsaws, and you can even order custom wooden jigsaws with your own photo.

Plus, 221 piece puzzles are back in stock, meaning you can purchase large ‘multi-puzzles’ containing 884, 1,920 pieces*.

*Stocks are still limited, so 4,420 piece puzzles are not available at present.

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Custom Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles

Custom cardboard jigsaw puzzles now have their own website at These are available with piece numbers from 35 to 1,000, with prices starting from only £13.45 ($ 17.46 each) (plus handling & shipping).

Put your own photo on a cardboard jigsaw puzzle. Makes a great gift!

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