Single Line / Single Stroke (Open Contour) Premium ‘Ultra’ Realistic Handwriting Fonts Now For Sale

You can now purchase our pre-made ‘example’ Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting fonts, which use the free Scriptalizer™ software to enhance them, as single-line (also known as single stroke and open contour) fonts for use with pen plotters and other CNC equipment.

A brief explanation of single line fonts


For those people looking for the next level of handwriting font realism there are pen plotters. These machines, for example the AxiDraw(pictured), use real pens to mechanically create handwriting from computerised text. This adds additional realism through changes in ink density and the fact that the handwriting is actually written rather than printed. Unfortunately, standard True Type fonts are unsuitable for such equipment. This is because standard True Type fonts describe an outline for each character in the font, rather then an actual pen stroke, as per the example below.

Example of a closed outline font

As you can see in the example above, a standard True Type font is a ‘closed contour’ font and this always produces an outline when sent to a pen plotter or other CNC machine. Every line has to describe a shape and no line can be open ended.

However, there is a way to convert standard True Type fonts into ‘open contour’ (also known as single line or single stroke) fonts so that the pen only makes a single stroke per line, rather than an outline. The example below is the same font that has been converted to a single line font and written using a pen plotter.

Example of a single line font

This produces the most realistic handwriting effect, with changes in ink density and other ways that pen ink interacts with the paper. Combined with our Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting fonts with the Scriptalizer™ software, you can now create realistic handwritten documents that were never actually written by a human hand!

Purchasing and installing our single line Premium ‘Ultra’ fonts allows you to copy and paste them from the Scriptalizer™ into any application that uses True Type fonts and is compatible with your pen plotter. For example, the AxiDraw uses Inkscape to output fonts.

PLEASE NOTE: We are still in the process of converting our 40 plus Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting fonts into single-line fonts. This means that not all fonts are available for immediate download, but all are available to buy. Most fonts, when ordered, will initiate a conversion to the single line format.