…the fit and colour is excellent and you can’t tell it’s a replacement piece.

More customers have been writing in to the Jigsaw Puzzle Doctor to tell us how pleased they are with their replacement jigsaw puzzle pieces.

A.G. (UK) wrote about her Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw – ‘The Luncheon of the Boating Party’:-

We lost one piece from a very difficult jigsaw and the jigsaw doctor made a new piece for us…the fit and colour is excellent and you can’t tell it’s a replacement piece. Very efficient, friendly service and I would highly recommend.

By the way, did you know that the Jigsaw Doctor is the official approved provider of replacement pieces for Wentworth Jigsaws?

P.K. (France) told us when he received the replacement piece for his ‘New York Panarama’ jigsaw by F X Schmidt:-

I was very disappointed when I found that my 7500 pieces puzzle has the exact number of pieces…. but one piece was missing, and another was coming twice. So I was really happy when the Jigsaw Doctor could build and send me the missing piece. I think nobody will be ever able to find which piece was missing. Thanks for this good job !

And here is a photo of the completed puzzle:-

B.W. (UK) wrote:-

*Very* impressive service.”Doctored” pieces are barely noticeable.
Clear/easy instructions on the website. 2 week turnaround, with acknowledgement of receipt & dispatch, + flexible return delivery options. My mum has asked for the finished puzzle to be framed so she can hang on her wall 🙂 I have an old 12000 piece that I’ve been loath to work on as I know it has pieces missing – now I can complete knowing that the jigsaw doc will fix any issues!

Here is a photo of B.W.s repaired jigsaw puzzle, ‘MC Escher – Concave & Convex’ by Jumbo Games:-

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If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.