“The quality of the manufactured piece was exceptional…”

The Jigsaw (Puzzle) Doctor make replacements for missing jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Four more customers have recently written back with comments about their repaired jigsaw puzzles.

Mike Aylott (UK) wrote about his “Thomas The Tank Engine Engine & Friends” jigsaw puzzle by Ravensburger:-

A very good service all round.
The quality of the manufactured piece was exceptional, and it was very difficult to spot even the slightest different in colour or texture between the old and new pieces.
The system for ordering was very well explained on the website. With a digital photo, the neighbouring pieces, the packaging, the cost etc., it’s quite a difficult process to work through, but the website made this simple.
(Also, it seems to be a fundamental human tendency to take a photo of the completed jigsaw without the missing piece, but you thankfully the website repeatedly warned against this.)

R.A. (UK) said the following when he received his replacement jigsaw pieces:-

I received the jigsaw pieces and I couldn’t be happier. This was a very old jigsaw puzzle that is absolutely impossible to replace and was of some sentimental value. Now it is complete, it will be mounted and displayed. Thank you so much

Kelly Howard (USA) sent some photos of her repaired jigsaw puzzle “The Cat Lover’s Jigsaw Puzzle” by Ridley’s Jigsaw Puzzles (bagging a 20% discount on her next order into the bargain) and wrote:-

In the last month I recieved my puzzle pieces back, glued them together, and framed the finished puzzle on my wall. You did a great job, and I wanted to say thank you!

Finally, C.J. (UK) sent a photo of her Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzle (“Off To Market”) and simply wrote:-

Missing piece arrived today. Thank you so much.

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