Single Line Handwriting Fonts – Video & Development News

Take a look at our new video showing our single line handwriting fonts in action!

As you may be aware, we temporarily took our single line handwriting fonts off the market. This was whilst we worked with Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, makers of the AxiDraw pen plotter, to further develop the usability of our fonts with the AxiDraw, and also ensure compatibility with other pen plotters.

If you own an AxiDraw pen plotter then you can now contact
Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories for the latest version of the Hershey advanced Inkscape extension. This has been updated to allow the use of custom single line handwriting fonts.

When you purchase a single line handwriting font from Quantum Enterprises you will receive three files:-

  • A ‘standard’ closed contour True Type version of the font
  • An open contour True Type version of the font for use with pen plotters and software which is compatible
  • An SVG version of the font suitable for use with the AxiDraw

You can choose from over 40 pre-made single line handwriting fonts at or order your own custom made handwriting font and select to have it converted to single line.

Whichever you choose, you will have access to the most realistic single line handwriting fonts on the market.