7 More Single Line Handwriting Fonts and 2 New Pre-Made Premium ‘Ultra’ Handwriting Fonts Added

We’ve been busy here at Quantum Enterprises and have now converted another 6 of our pre-made Premium ‘Ultra’ realistic handwriting fonts into single line versions for use with the AxiDraw pen plotter and other writing machines:-

Premium Ultra 5
Premium Ultra 7
Premium Ultra 9
Premium Ultra 10
Premium Ultra 14
Premium Ultra 15

Plus, we’ve added 2 more pre-made Premium ‘Ultra’ realistic handwriting fonts to the collection, for use with the Scriptalizer software, which adds variations to the fonts:-

The PremiumUltra47 font has also already been converted to a single line version and is available for immediate download.

More about our Premium ‘Ultra’ realistic handwriting font service

The Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting font service embeds over 100 additional characters in the font, which are accessed and replaced by our FREE Scriptalizer Software. The software replaces the ‘standard’ characters with alternatives on a semi-random basis. The replacements include individual letters, letter pairs, starting letters, ending letters and starting and ending letter strokes. This adds another level of naturalness to your handwriting font.

The Premium ‘Ultra’ service is associated with a unique configuration file which encodes certain aspects of your handwriting style. This gives the fonts the most realistic and natural look you could imagine!

The fonts are of an exceptionally high quality, because the connections of each letter to the next have individually been worked with to produce a truly accurate reproduction of the original handwriting.

The Premium ‘Ultra’ Service is required to get the best results for cursive (joined up) handwriting, but also significantly improves the realism of printed handwriting styles.