“I was completely blown away by how accurate and precise the piece I received was…”

The Jigsaw (Puzzle) Doctor makes replacement jigsaw puzzle pieces for those which have gone missing, or have been damaged.

Although it’s the middle of summer in the northern hemisphere, it seems that many of our customers are still assembling jigsaw puzzles and losing pieces in the process.

Here are some recent comments and photos from satisfied customers:-

Rick Koster (USA) wrote this about his ‘Grand Prix’ jigsaw by Springbok:-

I was completely blown away by how accurate and precise the piece I received was. Nobody including myself could tell which piece was the replacement. Truly masterful techniques involved here. I have a few more puzzles with missing pieces and I will be using your services again! Thanks!

Here is a photo of his finished and repaired jigsaw puzzle:-

Richard Butrovich (USA) wrote about his ‘Barn Owls’ jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzles:-

I have used your service twice and have been completely satisfied both times. It seems that i only buy puzzles with missing pieces since I have one completed and one in progress with missing pieces. Or else my dog is eating them. I have attached a picture of the latest puzzle that you completed for me.

Richard also supplied a photo of his finished jigsaw puzzle:-

Christine Fox (USA) was very pleased with the replacement pieces for her ‘Our World’ jigsaw by Schmidt and wrote:-

my puzzle pieces have been received and they are absolutely PERFECT!!!!…THANKS SO MUCH
I did five 2000 piece puzzles over the winter and spring..I framed them all. some were missing pieces…or I lost them… and until I found the Jigsaw doctor I spent a lot of money and time on buying the same puzzle hoping for pieces that fit. wish I knew about him earlier!!!…lol

Helen Garvey (UK) lost a piece from a custom made jigsaw puzzle by Photobox. She wrote:-

What an amazing website, and lovely people too! Upon completing a
1000 piece photo puzzle that I had had custom produced through PhotoBox, I discovered that a piece was missing. Photobox were not helpful when I contacted them, especially since I had spent many months on this jigsaw and always frame them and put them on the wall.
When doing a google search, I discovered Jigsaw Doctor, and they have done an amazing job. I am very pleased with their quick service, which was returned far quicker than the 14 days that they state, and I would highly recommend that if anyone is missing a jigsaw puzzle, to contact Jigsaw Doctor.

Here’s a photo of Helen’s jigsaw puzzle:-

Michael Archer (UK) received his replacement piece for his ‘Summer Saturday at Snow Hill’ jigsaw puzzle by Gibsons and wrote:-

Replacement piece received and what a good likeness! Very many thanks for your trouble.

Here is a photo of Michael’s finished and now complete jigsaw puzzle:-

Finally, another returning customer – Fred Jabobs (USA) – wrote the following about his repaired jigsaw puzzle: Cinque Terre, Italy (Clementoni):-

Thank you for the excellent work in creating three missing pieces for our wonderful puzzle. A picture is attached. The replacement pieces blend beautifully with the original pieces and I am certain that no one could identify which pieces were the new ones. You did a
great job. This is the fourth time we have used jigsaw doctor and, as always, we are very pleased with the excellent quality of the completed puzzle.

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