19 New Premium ‘Ultra’ Handwriting Fonts Released (TrueType & Single Line)

We’re pleased to announce the release of 19 new Premium ‘Ultra’ realistic handwriting fonts:-

TrueType Fonts
10 x Version 5 fonts – 9 x Version 6 fonts

Single Line Fonts
9 x Version 5 fonts – 8 x Version 6 fonts

Our Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting font service produces natural and ‘messy’ handwriting fonts that have additional variation built-in which is added by our unique Scriptalizer(TM) software. Suitable for use with the AxiDraw and other pen plotters, our single line (also known as single stroke and open contour) Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting fonts are compatible with our Scriptalizer™ software to enhance them, are the best on the market and produce the most realistic handwriting effect you can imagine. 

Premium Ultra 91 version 6

This new selection of fonts covers a range of printed, semi-cursive and cursive handwriting styles. The addition of 9 version 6 fonts significantly increases the number of these enhanced fonts available.

When browsing use the filter in the right-hand column and select ‘New Release – Yes’.

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