Replacement Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Now Cut with Computer-Controlled Laser Technology

The Jigsaw (Puzzle) Doctor has been the world’s professional replacement jigsaw puzzle piece service, replacing missing or damaged jigsaw puzzle pieces since 2007 and, from the beginning, we’ve always used epoxy putty to mould the replacements.

Today we’re excited to announce that our process has changed, and we are now able to cut pieces from the same material as the jigsaw puzzle (i.e. card, MDF or plywood) using computer-controlled laser technology.

Our new process will allow the replacement pieces to:-

  • Have a more accurate shape
  • Have a more consistent thickness
  • Be in the same material as the other pieces in your jigsaw puzzle

In addition, we anticipate that we will be able to reduce our lead times once we have honed the process further, as pieces no longer need to be produced in large batches.

We welcome new customers have haven’t tried our service yet to order replacement jigsaw puzzle pieces today, and see how amazingly close the replacements are to the missing original. Existing customers: you’re already pleased with your replacements, but wait until you see how we’ve managed to improve on near perfection!

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