New Classic Traveller / Traveller5 T-Shirt Designs and Dice

As you may already be aware, Quantum Enterprises has teamed up with Far Future Enterprises to provide a range of promotional merchandise for Classic Traveller™ and Traveller5, the science-fiction role playing games where imagination is the only limit.

We’ve recently added three new designs to our t-shirts range: Sword Worlds, Vargr and Zhodani:

Sword Worlds Logo  – White vinyl on black cotton

Vargr Logo  – White vinyl on black cotton

Zhodani Logo  – White vinyl on black cotton

Available in the following sizes:

Size: S M L XL XXL 3XL
Chest (to fit): 35/37 38/40 41/43 44/46 47/49 50/52

Price: from £11.60 each, plus shipping.

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We are now also offering black and red dice (the Classic Traveller™ colours) for sale.

Only £1.49 each, plus shipping.

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Traveller5 T-Shirts now available from Far Future Merchandise

Far Future Merchandise are now authorised to sell Traveller5 t-shirt designs, along with the Classic Traveller range.

FF-Traveller-5-logo-frontClassic Traveller, and Traveller5, are science fiction role playing games developed by Marc Miller and are available from Far Future Enterprises.

Whilst Traveller5 t-shirts are sometimes available directly from Far Future Enterprises in the USA, this is dependent on stocks, and limited to a few designs. We are UK based, but print our t-shirts on demand, so we always have availability, and Marc Miller has approved several new designs. (See below).

FF-Traveller-Terran-Confederation-front FF-Traveller-Imperial-Navy-front FF-Traveller-4518-Lift-Infantry-front FF-Traveller-5-logo-Referee-front FF-Traveller-5-logo-Player-front



High quality t-shirt printing


You can’t beat the crispness of high quality vinyl printing, as the photo above illustrates.

Although you are generally limited to a single colour, vinyl prints can be made on most types of fabric, and produce crisp, wash resistant transfers.

The example shown is from a Traveller T-Shirt from our range at Far Future Merchandise.

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