Replacement Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Now Cut with Computer-Controlled Laser Technology

The Jigsaw (Puzzle) Doctor has been the world’s professional replacement jigsaw puzzle piece service, replacing missing or damaged jigsaw puzzle pieces since 2007 and, from the beginning, we’ve always used epoxy putty to mould the replacements.

Today we’re excited to announce that our process has changed, and we are now able to cut pieces from the same material as the jigsaw puzzle (i.e. card, MDF or plywood) using computer-controlled laser technology.

Our new process will allow the replacement pieces to:-

  • Have a more accurate shape
  • Have a more consistent thickness
  • Be in the same material as the other pieces in your jigsaw puzzle

In addition, we anticipate that we will be able to reduce our lead times once we have honed the process further, as pieces no longer need to be produced in large batches.

We welcome new customers have haven’t tried our service yet to order replacement jigsaw puzzle pieces today, and see how amazingly close the replacements are to the missing original. Existing customers: you’re already pleased with your replacements, but wait until you see how we’ve managed to improve on near perfection!

“I am so grateful to the puzzle doctor”

Here’s some recent feedback from a satisfied Jigsaw Doctor customer:

I am so grateful to the puzzle doctor. My dog snaffled a piece of a wooden jigsaw [which] accidently fell on the floor. I hate doing a puzzle with a missing piece, so I was extremely pleased to be able to get a new piece made. Puzzle saved (& dog forgiven)!

Claire Berry (UK) – January 2023 (Hen House by Lisa Graa Jensen – Wentworth)

There are more comments and photos to see from happy customers here.

If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.

Fed Up With FedEx – How Did £3.06 Duty Become £130.23?

Quantum Enterprises provides a replacement jigsaw piece service under the trading name The Jigsaw Doctor and customers are asked to send the surrounding jigsaw pieces for us to use as a guide to making a replacement piece. Whilst the jigsaw puzzles may have a great value to the customer due to age, collectability, or time spent completing them, the jigsaw pieces themselves have negligible value.

In our instructions, we asked customers to pay to ship the pieces to us, and not to mark the value of their pieces as greater than £15 to avoid import VAT. As of March 2022 we’ve now changed this to ‘Zero value’ as we’ll explain below.

In March 2022 we received and accepted a package of surrounding pieces sent via FedEx. We subsequently received an invoice from FedEx for the sum of £130.23, detailed thus:-

Disbursement Fee: £12.75
Original Duty: £17.92
Original VAT: £99.56

We checked with our customer to see if they had perhaps included the invoice (showing the total service charge) or marked the value of the contents as greater than £15.
The customer told us that they marked the value of the package as $20, giving an approximate conversion value of £15.18, just over the £15 import duty threshold.
Therefore the 20% VAT payable on £15.18 should have only been around £3.06.

We asked FedEx how they could justify such high import costs and their reply was:-

Our Terms and Conditions are such that the recipient or importer will be invoiced for Duty and Tax charges unless the sender selects the ‘bill sender’ or ‘bill 3rd party’ option on the FedEx International Air Waybill. Unfortunately, neither of these options has been selected on this occasion, therefore FedEx have invoiced you, the recipient, correctly.

With no explanation of the extortionate import costs, and due to the charges themselves, we therefore can no longer recommend FedEx as a courier to use to send your surrounding pieces to us.

In addition, we recommend you state that your surrounding jigsaw pieces have zero value in order to avoid import tax.

“Yet again another excellent number of replacement pieces made.”

We’re continuing to receive great feedback from happy customers who have used the Jigsaw Doctor replacement jigsaw puzzle piece service.

The latest comment from D.P. (UK) is about his wooden Chad Valley jigsaw RMS Lancastria.

Here are the photos he sent of his restored puzzled:-

There are more comments and photos to see from happy customers here.

If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.

“Jigsaw Doctor created a replacement piece for my puzzle and it is amazing.”

The Jigsaw Doctor makes replacements for missing or damaged jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Here is some recent feedback from a very satisfied customer:-

I was pointed to Jigsaw Doctor by Wentworth Puzzles, who made my Shakespeare Hamlet puzzle. I was so disappointed to have had a piece of the souvenir from Stratford-Upon-Avon disappear. Jigsaw Doctor created a replacement piece for my puzzle and it is amazing. One cannot tell where the replacement is and where the originals are. I so appreciate Jigsaw Doctor’s fine work. The newly-restored puzzle is now again sitting on my desk so I can enjoy it every day. Thank you!

AR (USA) – December 2021 (Hamlet – Wentworth)

If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.

Excellent service, reasonable prices and some beautiful attention to the detail of a complicated puzzle.

The Jigsaw Doctor makes replacements for missing or damaged jigsaw puzzle pieces.

We’ve been so busy making replacement jigsaw pieces we’ve not had time to update the examples page on our website, but finally we can present some feedback this year from very satisfied customers. Click on any thumbnail image below to see a large version.

If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.

Having so many disappointments through other online purchases, it was refreshing and wonderful to receive my jigsaw pieces returned with the missing piece, from Jigsaw Doctor. Their whole process was fantastic. The instructions what to send to them were very clear and their communication quick and helpful. The ultimate giant tick (hence the 5 star review) was the quality of the piece they created to fill the gap. Fantastic!!… I’m a jigsaw lover and a piece missing is like it’s not real, not finished. So thank you Jigsaw Doctor.

Essence Productions (Australia) – October 2021 (Wentworth)

Repaired Jigsaw

Very pleased with the replacement missing piece for the jigsaw. As you can see from the photos it was quite a tricky piece to replicate but the jigsaw doctor has done a fantastic job, many thanks.

Richard Haydon (UK) – September 2021 (Magnus The Mystical)

Repaired Jigsaw

Thank you for an excellent job in making a replacement piece for my jigsaw.

FR (UK) – September 2021 (Venetian Dahlia Collection by Jonathan Buckley – Wentworth)

Repaired Jigsaw
Repaired Jigsaw
Repaired Jigsaw

…All of your work is beautiful – as usual – and I am so glad you are there. These are old cardboard puzzles, and not worth a whole lot, but I cannot bring myself to throw them out. I love working them, and in the future, others will enjoy them, too. Their value will at least increase, because nobody is making these anymore. Thank you for your fine service and excellent attention to detail. You absolutely cannot spot the replaced pieces in these puzzles!…

DB (USA) – September 2021 (Lattice Bridge – Whitman Publishing / Return At Sunset – Big 10 / Hilltop Path – Whitman Publishing)

Lost a piece of a special puzzle. I had bought another version of the same puzzle to try and find a match but they cut the pieces differently. All my research kept coming back to JigSawDoctors. At first I wondered about all the work to do just to send over pieces. Well, it was well worth it. Perfect integration !!! Well worth the effort. Now I am having it framed as a house warming gift because you can’t it was missing! Working on another puzzle. Don’t want to lose a piece but if I do, I know exactly where to go. Outstanding work!! Thank you.

James Calhoun (USA) – August 2021 (The Beginning Of Jazz by Annie Lee – Suns Out)

Repaired Jigsaw

Can’t tell which piece was replaced made by Jigsaw Doctor. I was happy with the turnaround time. My numerous hours were not wasted for one missing puzzle piece. Would not hesitate to you Jigsaw Doctor again if I had to.

Tania Zakia (USA) – July 2021 (Cats Kitten Dreams – Buffalo Games)

Repaired Jigsaw
Repaired Jigsaw

I am over the moon at this great service. My favourite jigsaw had one piece missing and The Jigsaw Doctor has made a perfect new piece. What a great, unique service. Thank you so much.

Joanna Gavin (UK) – June 2021 (Safari by John Francis – Waddingtons)

Repaired Jigsaw

They’ve helped restore missing pieces to several of my grandmother’s old puzzles. Everyone in the family loves seeing the 75+ year old puzzles back in action.

Bill Cranshaw (USA) – June 2021

Repaired Jigsaw
Repaired Jigsaw

About 20 years ago I bought a 6000 piece puzzle from a boot sale. It has been in the loft all this time. Decided to give it away and then found it was very rare so started mammoth task to complete the puzzle. 5999 pieces all fitted together lovely. One piece missing, what to do? Google to the rescue. Six weeks later a perfect puzzle piece arrived from Quantum Enterprises. Problem now is what to do with the puzzle as I don’t like breaking them up.

John Hilton (UK) – June 2021 (Les Quatre Moments De La Journee by Alphonse Mucha – Puzzle Nathan)

Repaired Jigsaw

I was so upset when my 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle was missing just one piece but I couldn’t be happier with The Jigsaw Doctor for fixing it for me! The replacement piece is perfect. Better than I could have hoped for and even close up, you can’t tell it’s not an original. Excellent service, reasonable prices and some beautiful attention to the detail of a complicated puzzle. Thanks so much and I will recommend your service to anyone without hesitation! 10/10, A+, 100% satisfied!

Sarah Taylor (UK) – June 2021 (Mary Poppins Practically Perfect by Peter Ellenshaw (Disney) – Buffalo Games)

Very good. There is no way you can tell.

Collin Chu (USA) – May 2021

I am Rosina Marmo, I live in Sicily/Italy in Via Giuseppe Verdi nº43 – 98050 my cap. I thank you because I have finally received the little piece of my puzzle and I am completely satisfied, you have worked very well, my puzzle now is perfect!

Rosina Marmo (Italy) – May 2021

Repaired Jigsaw

PH (UK) – May 2021 (At The Fountain – Victory)

Repaired Jigsaw

Dorothy Bateman (UK) – May 2021 (Garden Birds – Waddingtons)

Repaired Jigsaw

I am absolutely thrilled with the replacement piece which Jigsaw Doctor made for my Wentworth’s wooden butterfly puzzle. The Jigsaw was one of the last gifts I made to my Mum before she fell victim to Covid and I know that it gave her many hours of pleasure so I was gutted when we re-made the puzzle after clearing her house and discovered that we were missing a piece. Great match – you really cannot tell which is the new piece. Thank you Jigsaw Doctor!

Janice Brown (UK) – May 2021 (Butterly Kaleidoscope – Wentworth)

Repaired Jigsaw

Thank you. It’s perfect! I’m used to completing 3,4,5 & 6000 piece puzzles, framing them and then have to get my husband to check if there are pieces missing when I get near to finishing before putting them on walls or I lose the will to live! True to form, this puzzle was missing a piece right in the middle. Ugh! What to do. Of course, call The Jigsaw Doctor!! Wow! what an incredible result. Impossible to tell the reconstructed piece. Amazing and I now have Paradise Regained. Thank you Andy. You are amazing!

SL (UK) – May 2021 (Palm Paradise – Ravensburger)

I am delighted by the replacement jigsaw piece made by “The Jigsaw Doctor”. It is a perfect fit and the artwork exactly matches that on the missing piece. In fact the replacement is indistinguishable from the original. I am happy to recommend this service to anyone who needs replacements for missing pieces. It’s not cheap and it’s not quick but it’s worth the moeny and worth the wait.

Adrian Hall (UK) – April 2021 (The Card Players by Pal Cezanne – Wentworth)

Thank you. Items finally arrived earlier today. Could not have asked for anything better. If I encounter any other missing pieces in future I will most certainly use your service again.

Aaron Falzon (Malta) – April 2021 (Magna Carta – Clementoni)

Repaired Jigsaw
Repaired Jigsaw

Very happy with my replacement puzzle piece! You can barely tell the difference and only on close up since my puzzle was huge – 4000 pieces! I can finally rest thinking that I finally finished this project. Highly recommended!

Austeja Poskute (Lithuania) – May 2021 (The Last Sun on Porto – Castorland)

The new piece arrived and looks great – thanks, Andy!

Harriet Ravdin (USA) – March 2021 (Summer At The Pub – Wentworth)

Thank you I received my new piece today. Excellent service and very helpful people. I would recommend you every time. Well done.

VG (UK) – March 2021 (High Clere Castle – Wentworth)

Repaired Jigsaw

Quite expensive but well worth it even for an very old children’s puzzle. Lots of instructions but it was still a bit time consuming and needed the very helpful telephone/email contact. Great result with a small piece of frame and one plain infill replaced.

Deirdre Peppe (UK) – March 2021 (Vintage wooden Christmas tree childs puzzle)

I received the pieces last week. You did a fantastic job – we can’t tell the difference!

SD (UK) – March 2021 (Panda Valley – Wentworth)

Excellent service and results to match! The replacement pieces are ideal – recommend this business to anyone

John Skinner (UK) – March 2021 (Coldstream Guards Poster 1914 – RMS UK)

Repaired Jigsaw
Repaired Jigsaw
Repaired Jigsaw

Andy, here are pix of the complete set of 1969-70 Springbok state puzzle maps, drawn by muralist Charles Frace. The collection now adorns my second floor hallway.
You will see the Texas and Pennsylvania puzzles, both of which you made possible by supplying replacement pieces. Absolutely impossible to tell which pieces are original, and which were made by the Jigsaw Doctor. Thank you again!

JS (USA) – March 2021 (Map Of Texas and Pennsylvania – Springbok)

The Jigsaw Doctor is absolutely brilliant. I have had missing pieces recreated for 3 jigsaws now and you can hardly tell.

Donna Clarke (UK) – March 2021 (Wentworth)

Repaired Jigsaw

I received my order and the puzzle piece is perfect! Cannot tell it from the original! Thank you so much for your quality work!

ID (USA) – February 2021 (Christmas Eve – Ravensburger)

The pieces got here in 6 days! How about that? And the pieces are beautiful. I wondered how it would look when you replaced two contiguous pieces with only one, and now I know: The truth is that your eye would never be drawn to this area – it just fits right in with the rest of the puzzle. You are magicians!

DB (USA) – February 2021 (On The Boulevard – Guild)

thank you for the great job! I am really impressed how skillfully you made the missing piece. I hardly could tell which piece had been missing, even though it was a difficult “blue sky” piece. Thank you for your service!

TJ (Germany) – February 2021 (The Lighthouse Keepers Cottage by Dominic Davison – Falcon)

Repaired Jigsaw

Excellent service, you can barely tell the difference to the original piece! Prices are very fair to I would highly recommend, don’t hesitate to order your replacement puzzle pieces from this company. Thank you!

RH (UK) – January 2021 (Tropical Island – Trefl)

If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.

The Jigsaw Doctor – Pack Your Surrounding Pieces Well!

After we’ve received some damaged/missing surrounding jigsaw pieces in the mail this week we have updated our packaging recommendations on the Jigsaw Doctor website to be more specific about the best way to pack them.

We recommend you place the assembled pieces on a sheet of stiff cardboard then wrap this with cling film (best method) or similar plastic sheet, or paper. Then apply another piece of stiff cardboard on top of the pieces and tape the two pieces of card together.
Use a good quality envelope to send the packaged pieces.

This has been a ‘one in several thousand’ incident, but we want to ensure your surrounding pieces reach us safely, so by following these recommendations there’s a great chance they’ll all arrive intact.

If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.

Jigsaw Doctor Interview on ‘Good Day Sacramento’ Californian Breakfast Show

The Jigsaw Doctor makes replacments for missing or damaged jigsaw puzzle pieces.

On Wednesday 14th October the Jigsaw Doctor’s Andy Hunt did a short interview for the live US daily Breakfast Show Good Day Sacramento. The connection wasn’t very good but hopefully the viewers got the gist of what we do!

If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.

“I was very impressed with the Puzzle Doctor. A very professional operation.”

During the COVID-19 lockdown we’re getting really getting busy as people dig out long-forgotten jigsaws from cupboards and attics and find they have missing pieces.

We’ve recently received more feedback from customer’s who’ve finally been able to see their loved jigsaws completed again.

Here are some recent comments:-

J.S. (UK) wrote the following about their completed ‘Construction Lunchtime 1932’ by Ravensburger.

A very professional operation. I spent 3 months completing a very challenging limited edition black and white puzzle of New York City only to discover that 2 pieces were missing. This was frustrating as I had spent some time searching for this puzzle with a view to having it framed The original manufacturer were unable to replace the two pieces but to be fair to them did provide a refund. Jigsaw doctor were able to rectify the missing pieces to a high standard. I have yet to find a single person and there have been 10 so far who can identify the 2 replacement pieces. It will now be framed as per my original intent . Thank you jigsaw doctor .

And here’s the photo they sent:-

Kevin Tipping (UK) wrote about his repaired ‘The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics’ by Philmar:-

When the jigsaw piece arrived this morning I was gobsmacked to see what a fantastic replacement you have made. The fitting is spot on, also the colors; you cannot tell looking at the jigsaw which is the one you replaced for us; well done everyone for your help; 10 out of 10 many thanks again.
P.S This jigsaw is about 50 years old

Here’s the photo he sent us:-

A.S.P. (UK) wrote the following about their restored ‘Paris Balcony’ by Ravensburger:-

Instructions on how to send puzzle pieces and what information was needed was clearly outlined. I was notified promptly when the puzzle pieces arrived and they were returned to me in a timely fashion. The fit is perfect and the image perfectly in keeping with the puzzle. I’m excited to be able to enjoy this puzzle knowing it will actually be complete now!

Here’s a photo of a vintage 19020’s wooden jigsaw puzzle from C.B.:-

He wrote:-

This is the third time I have used your services to replace pieces in old wooden jigsaws. Each time I am amazed at the quality of the replacements and how difficult it is to spot them in the completed jigsaw.
Thank you

 -> See More Examples

If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.

Jigsaw puzzles can help you live longer – and make you richer

The Jigsaw Doctor recently featured in an article in the UK’s Mail On Sunday on 12th April 2020.

Read on the web: Have you got the pieces of a fortune hidden away? Jigsaw puzzles can help you live longer – and make you richer.