Jigsaw puzzles can help you live longer – and make you richer

The Jigsaw Doctor recently featured in an article in the UK’s Mail On Sunday on 12th April 2020.

Read on the web: Have you got the pieces of a fortune hidden away? Jigsaw puzzles can help you live longer – and make you richer.

New Investment in Dye Sublimation Hardware

In our QE Promotions division we supply a wide variety of custom, full-colour printed products, including t-shirts, coasters, place mats, cushion covers, bookmarks … the list goes on.

At the Jigsaw Doctor we also print quality custom wooden jigsaw puzzles and custom cardboard jigsaw puzzles using the same printing system.

As part of our on-going commitment to provide quality products using the latest technology, we have recently invested in a new dye sublimation printer. Our new SG800 printer uses newly formulated ink, with a higher yield, and a 26% larger colour gamut producing more vibrant, accurate colours.

Custom printed products make great gifts, and are also useful for corporate promotional items, so there’s something for everyone in our range.

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New Jigsaw Puzzle Websites Launched

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles from the Jigsaw Doctor

We’ve  just re-launched our wooden jigsaw puzzles website, where you can can purchase a range of quality wooden jigsaw puzzles from 30 to 4,420* pieces, with prices starting from only £19.95 ($ 25.90 *) each (plus handling & shipping).

The new website makes it easier than ever to purchase our range of jigsaws, and you can even order custom wooden jigsaws with your own photo.

Plus, 221 piece puzzles are back in stock, meaning you can purchase large ‘multi-puzzles’ containing 884, 1,920 pieces*.

*Stocks are still limited, so 4,420 piece puzzles are not available at present.

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Custom Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles

Custom cardboard jigsaw puzzles now have their own website at https://www.custom-jigsaw-puzzles.co.uk. These are available with piece numbers from 35 to 1,000, with prices starting from only £13.45 ($ 17.46 each) (plus handling & shipping).

Put your own photo on a cardboard jigsaw puzzle. Makes a great gift!

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* Currency data courtesy of coinmill.com and is supplied as a guide only. Please check the current exchange rates.

Winter Evening, Tickhill, Yorkshire – A Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Now as Good as New

The Jigsaw Doctor doesn’t just replace missing cardboard jigsaw puzzle pieces. He also uses the same technique to repair wooden jigsaw puzzles. Wentworth is a very popular brand of wooden jigsaw puzzle, produced in the UK.

We recently replaced a piece in a Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzle titled “Winter Evening, Tickhill, Yorkshire”. Here’s what our customer (RS from the USA) wrote when he received his replacement piece:

Puzzle piece replacement was excellent. Thickness, fit and color blend were perfect!

If you’ve got a missing jigsaw puzzle piece, click here to visit the Jigsaw Doctor and find out what you need to do.

Custom Printed Personalised Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles

custom_cardboard_jigsaw_puzzleIn addition to making replacement jigsaw pieces, the Jigsaw Doctor also produces a range of quality wooden jigsaw puzzles. Our most popular product is our custom wooden jigsaw puzzle, which allows you to add your own photo to a quality, boxed, wooden jigsaw.

Now we’ve added custom printed cardboard jigsaw puzzles to the range, ranging from 35 to 1,000 pieces and started at only £13.45. Once again, our cardboard puzzles are attractively boxed.

Custom jigsaw puzzles make great gifts. Find a favourite photo, upload it on our order page, and a beautiful boxed jigsaw puzzle will arrive within a few days.

> Click here to order a custom cardboard jigsaw puzzle today.

> Click here if you are interested in our range of wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Two more happy Jigsaw Doctor Customers

Two more Jigsaw Doctor customers have sent photos and feedback about their repaired jigsaw puzzles.

S.T. from Australia simply commented:

“Excellent idea and service.”

Here are two photos of her completed Wentworth jigsaw puzzle entitled ‘Akbar Witnesses Fighting Amongst Ascetic’:

ST ST-closeup

R.A. from the UK wrote the following about his Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzle ‘Snow Steam & Trees – Goathland, North Your Moors’:

“Received the replacement piece of jigsaw today – many thanks.    Am very satisfied with the result and will most certainly use your company again should the need arise.”


In return for sharing these photos, both customers have received a 20% discount off their next Quantum Enterprises order.

Jigsaw_Doctor_logo_sDo you have any jigsaw puzzles with missing pieces? If so, ask the Jigsaw Doctor to make replacements!

Returning Customer is Once Again Happy with Replacement Jigsaw Piece

DSCN0062One of our long-standing customers, who is a real jigsaw enthusiast, has recently sent the above photo of his restored jigsaw puzzle to The Jigsaw Doctor.

Frank_Farrar25_completed_closeFrank Farrar from the USA wrote, “Hello, Andy! The puzzle pieces are here and installed. Great color match, a good job and thanks.

This replacement jigsaw piece replaced 4 missing pieces in the middle lower edge of the puzzle.

The number of customers who place more than one order with us, or in this case more than 20 orders!, is testament to the quality of our replacement pieces.

Jigsaw_Doctor_logo_sDo you have any jigsaw puzzles with missing pieces? If so, don’t throw them out or put up with that gaping hole, ask the Jigsaw Doctor to make replacements!

If you don’t have any missing jigsaw pieces, but enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, the Jigsaw Doctor also makes a range of high quality wooden jigsaw puzzles and custom wooden jigsaw puzzles to which you add you own photo.

Exclusive behind the scenes photos at the Jigsaw Doctor

Here are some photos showing the process of making a replacement jigsaw piece.Repair1

1. Moulded pieces waiting to harden.


2. A replacement piece being finished to the correct shape and thickness.


3. The finished blank piece.


4. The finished piece ready to have the missing picture added.


5. Colour matching the missing picture section.


6. The finished piece in place.



To find out more about the Jigsaw Doctor, and how to order replacement pieces, please go to http://www.jigsawdoctor.com/

Custom Wedding Guestbook Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Custom wedding guestbook wooden jigsaw puzzleAnnouncing a new type of custom wooden jigsaw puzzle – a unique wedding guestbook.

Now you can create a unique wedding guestbook by having a custom picture printed on a wooden jigsaw puzzle and ask each guest to write a message on one of the pieces.

Supplied in a strong cardboard box.

Fast 72 hour turnaround from order to despatch!!

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Our custom wedding guestbook wooden jigsaw puzzle is a unique product that adds an extra touch of class to your wedding. All you need to do is to supply a wonderful photo of the happy couple and we do the rest!

BoxOur custom wedding guestbook wooden jigsaw puzzle is constructed from 9 of our 30 piece wooden jigsaw puzzles, arranged so that they produce one large puzzle (total 270 pieces). Each of the puzzles are 249 x 174mm (6 ¾” x 6 ¾”) approx, making a total size of 747 x 522mm (29 ½” x 20 ½”) approx.

Each piece is approximately 40mm (1 ½”) square, excluding the interlocking ‘lugs’.

The photograph is printed on the centre section of the puzzle, leaving a number of surrounding pieces blank for guests to write on (see below). The surrounding pieces are specially treated to make them easier to write on. (A few extra pieces are included to ensure you find the write type of pen for the job).

A Choice Of 4 ‘Sizes’

There is a choice of 4 ‘sizes’ of custom wedding guestbook wooden jigsaw puzzle. Although they are all the same physical size (747 x 522mm (29 ½” x 20 ½”) approximately) and constructed of 9 x 30 piece puzzles,you can select how large your photo is within the puzzle, and thus altering the amount of blank pieces there are for your guests to write on. See the diagram below:

Wedding Guestbook Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Size Options

So, to provide a unique wooden jigsaw puzzle guestbook for friends and family to remember forever, please use the Purchase Now link below to get started.

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New wooden jigsaw puzzles – The Digital Art Collection

Willy Lot's cottage - close up of digital art puzzle

Some of our longer term customers will remember the ‘Digital Oils Collection’ – a range of wooden jigsaw puzzles from The Jigsaw Doctor featuring photographs that had been given a digital oil painting treatment.

Well, we are going to be introducing a new range in the not too distant future – this time called the ‘Digital Art Collection’ as it will feature pastel effect pictures as well as photos using the oil paint effect.

Initially, the set will feature photos from Quantum Enterprises’ part of the world – that is the English West Country. However, if there any  any subjects that you’d like to see in this collection, please let us know!