More Handwriting Font Updates

Two more single-line handwriting fonts (also known as stroke fonts), for use with pen writing robots, have been added to our website for purchase and immediate download:-

> Premium Ultra 78 SL

> Premium Ultra 90v6 SL

You can find out more about our market-leading handwriting fonts at

Handwriting Font Updates & Releases

Here are some recent updates to our pre-made Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting fonts:-

PremiumUtra54 – We’ve added support for the French, German, Italian and Spanish languages
> Purchase TTF version
> Purchase Single Line (SVG) version

PremiumUltra57 – Single line version released
> Purchase Single Line (SVG) version

PremiumUltra70 – Single line version released
> Purchase Single Line (SVG) version

Find out more about our realistic TrueType and single line (SVG) fonts at

Introducing the Bantam Tools NextDraw™

Bantam Tools proudly unveils its latest advancement in proven plotter technology with the launch of the new Bantam Tools NextDraw™ series of drawing and handwriting machines. Engineered for artists, innovators, and educators seeking exceptional versatility and performance, Bantam Tools now offers a trio of new models designed for drawing and handwriting.

What’s new in the Bantam Tools NextDraw?
There are three new models in the Bantam Tools NextDraw™ series, with drawing areas ranging from 8.5×11″ (A4) to 22×34″ (A1). Each comes standard with the incredibly fast, nearly indestructible, brushless pen-lift mechanism that was only available as an upgrade to legacy models.
• Refined design with sturdy electronics enclosure and neat cable management.
• Significant speed increase with updated firmware and software.
• Automatic homing routines.

The Bantam Tools NextDraw™ is available to purchase, starting today, at

Multi-Font Variations with TrueType Premium ‘Ultra’ Fonts

Introducing Multi-Font Variations for TrueType fonts.

What are multi-font variations (MFVs)?
Multi-font variations (or MFVs) are enhanced Premium ‘Ultra fonts that use two or more fonts of the same handwriting style to multiply the number of variations available when you use our Microsoft® Word® template with Scriptalizer™ functionality.

How do MFVs work with Premium ‘Ultra’ TrueType fonts?
MFV fonts work by taking two or more Premium ‘Ultra’ TrueType fonts and alternating between them using our Microsoft® Word® template – a term we call ‘Fontilizing’ – after previously Scriptalizing the text. Effectively, the macro in the template takes each letter of text you have typed and alternates the font as per the illustration.
In this example, there are two fonts available. If for example, this was a 4-font MFV, then the macro would alternate the fonts to font 1 | font 2 | font 3 | font 4 | font 1 etc. This therefore doubles/triples/quadruples etc. the number of variations you see in your document depending on how many fonts you purchase.
The font names to be used with the macro are specified in an associated text file.

Why do I need to be a Windows® user?
Unfortunately, due to programming limitations for macros, our Microsoft® Word® template is Windows®-only. You must be a Windows® user and have Microsoft® Word® installed to be able to use our Word® template.

How many variations can I achieve using MFVs?
We recommend purchasing multiple version 6 fonts to create an MFV font. (Purchasing two version 5 fonts is the same as purchasing one version 6 font).

A version 6 font already has 318 additional character variations. Adding a second font increases the number of variations to 734* (another 318 variations, plus the 98 ‘main’ characters* in the second font).

* Includes punctuation and symbols but excludes signatures.

Here’s a summary of the number of variations achievable for version 6 MFVs: –

2 fonts: 734 variations
3 fonts: 1150 variations
4 fonts: 1566 variations
5 fonts: 1982 variations

25% Off Bulk Font Download Packages in our SPRING SALE

We’ve reduced the prices of our bulk font download packages by 25% until March 16th 2024:

*US$ prices dependent on the exchange rate at the time of purchase

Bantam Tools Acquires Evil Mad Scientist

Below is a link to a recent press release announcing that New York-based Bantam Tools has acquired Evil Mad Scientist – makers of the AxiDraw.

What does this mean for AxiDraw owners?
Well, first of all – don’t worry! AxiDraw support will continue, as will support for the Hershey Text and Hershey Advanced software and our fonts will continue to be supported. In fact, the Evil Mad Scientist team will be joining the Bantam Tools team to continue to oversee technical development and operations.
This spring, Bantam Tools will release the NextDraw, a successor to the AxiDraw which will be “a reliable and well-supported computer-controlled drawing machine that provides versatile solutions to artists, innovators and educators”.

Read the full Press Release

Wishing all our customers a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2024

Looking back on the year and forward to 2024
It’s been another busy year at Quantum Enterprises, and we have much planned for 2024. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening and what we’ve got planned for next year.

Handwriting Fonts

2023 has been another busy one, supplying the best TrueType and single-line fonts on the market to customers all over the world. In March we announced that we are now an official Microsoft font vendor, improved how the Scriptalizer deals with ‘error’ characters making them more realistic, announced multi-font variations for single-line fonts, and released 19 new pre-made fonts.

In late 2023 / early 2024 we will be announcing multi-font variations for TrueType Premium ‘Ultra’ fonts. This will be achieved using a Microsoft Word template, so it won’t be for everyone, but it will allow some of our customers to expand the realism of our fonts even further.
We also have exciting plans for improvements to the Scriptalizer, offering a full on-line word processor so you’ll be able to use our fonts to create, save and print documents directly in your web browser!
Finally we hope to release even more pre-made fonts to increase the choice and variety of fonts to be used in your handwritten applications.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Doctor

In 2023 we completely changed our production method for replacement jigsaw puzzle pieces, going from moulded epoxy putty pieces to laser cut pieces. The feedback so far has been excellent, and we look forward to saving more jigsaw puzzles in 2024, with shorter lead times and better accuracy. We are also planning to improve the image quality on our website.

Handwriting Analysis

This year we started using artificial intelligence to help write our handwriting analysis reports. The A.I. is able to review all personality and emotional traits shown and help meld them together into a meaningful summary of the subject’s psyche.
In 2024 we hope to continue to enhance the way we present our handwriting analysis reports.

Dream Aquarium

This year we have been working on updating and expanding our collection of aquarium backgrounds ready for release in 2024. The new collection will include lighter and darker versions of the current collection, with improved image quality, plus new backgrounds including some delightful A.I. created tanks that closely match the aesthetic of the rock tank. This will be accompanied by a complete overhaul of the Dream Aquarium website.

Social Media

We intend to increase our social media presence in 2024 with more posts showing our handwriting fonts in action and repaired jigsaw puzzles, plus updates to further improvements to our products and services. Keep a look out on our social media channels.

We want to thank all of our customers for their support this year and look forward to serving you with great products, services, and customer support next year.

19 New Premium ‘Ultra’ Handwriting Fonts Released (TrueType & Single Line)

We’re pleased to announce the release of 19 new Premium ‘Ultra’ realistic handwriting fonts:-

TrueType Fonts
10 x Version 5 fonts – 9 x Version 6 fonts

Single Line Fonts
9 x Version 5 fonts – 8 x Version 6 fonts

Our Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting font service produces natural and ‘messy’ handwriting fonts that have additional variation built-in which is added by our unique Scriptalizer(TM) software. Suitable for use with the AxiDraw and other pen plotters, our single line (also known as single stroke and open contour) Premium ‘Ultra’ handwriting fonts are compatible with our Scriptalizer™ software to enhance them, are the best on the market and produce the most realistic handwriting effect you can imagine. 

Premium Ultra 91 version 6

This new selection of fonts covers a range of printed, semi-cursive and cursive handwriting styles. The addition of 9 version 6 fonts significantly increases the number of these enhanced fonts available.

When browsing use the filter in the right-hand column and select ‘New Release – Yes’.

NEW! Multi-Font Variations (for AxiDraw users and single line fonts)

For customers who are looking for even more letter variations than our version 6 Premium ‘Ultra’ fonts provide, we’re excited to announce that you can now increase the number of variations in your single line font by purchasing multiple fonts in the same handwriting style and combining them into one SVG single line font*.

*Note: This feature is only available to AxiDraw users with the Hershey Advanced or AxiDraw Merge software.

What are multi-font variations (MFVs)?
Multi-font variations (or MFVs) are enhanced single line fonts that use two or more fonts of the same handwriting style to multiply the number of variations available when you render your document to single line.

How do MFVs work?
MFV fonts work by taking two or more single line fonts and combining them into one SVG file. When you use Hershey Advanced or AxiDraw Merge to render your document to single line, the software will cycle through each font to choose the next character to use, thus increasing the number of variations in your single line output.

Read More…

Improved ‘Handwriting Errors’ In New Release Of The Scriptalizer Software

We’re pleased to announce that a new version of the Scriptalizer™ (version 6.4) has been released that now produces more realistic handwriting ‘errors’.

For those of you who are not familiar with our realistic handwriting font software, the Scriptalizer™ can optionally add an occasional ‘error’ character* as if you’d had a slip of the pen and crossed it out. You can ask the Scriptalizer™ to add these ‘mistakes’ at a frequency you choose (from none to 1 in 5,000 up to 5-letter words). The Scriptalizer™ will take the next word when it is time to create a ‘mistake’, change one letter, and then cross it out.

The letter change used to be completely random and applied to all letters (whether capital or not) and even punctuation. This didn’t always produce the most realistic results as some letter substitutions looked ‘wrong’, and when capital letters were involved it affected the accuracy of the length of the crossing-out stroke. Sometimes commas and full stops etc were replaced with a letter and crossed out.

This is what version 6.4 of the Scriptalizer™ does to address these issues:-

  1. The substitutions are no longer completely random. They generally tend to be vowel substitutions giving a more natural-looking ‘error’.
  2. Words with capital letters are ignored, thus ensuring that the crossing out stroke more closely matches the length of the word it is crossing out.
  3. No punctuation or other special characters are included in the ‘error’ adding process.

The new version of the Scriptalizer™ is now live so why not give it a try and tell us what you think?

Scriptalizer Output Watermark

We have also added a watermark image in the Scriptalizer output window. This does not affect the text when you copy and paste it into an application, but helps to make it more difficult when taking a screenshot to avoid making a font purchase.