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Welcome to Fairhaven - A Minecraft realm for mature players

Fairhaven is a 'vanilla' Minecraft realm in survival mode for mature players (aged 35+). Although there are monsters (the difficulty is set to normal), Fairhaven is a peaceful land, with no PvP (player versus player combat), and is designed to be a welcoming place for new and experienced players to interact, build and explore.

Nestled at the centre will be Fairhaven village (eventually a town and maybe even a city!) which will be a medieval style settlement based around a crossroads at the main spawn area.

However, Fairhaven is a very small community. There are only a few buildings around the central crossroads and we are looking for players to join and build.

It will initially be free to join Fairhaven, and anyone who joins for free will never be asked for payment. However, we anticipate we may start charging a small fee for new players at a later date.

Fairhaven - View from Castle Hill

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