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About Fairhaven

Launched in February 2017 by Andy Hunt (Block_Hed) at Quantum Enterprises, Fairhaven is a Minecraft realm for older players aged 25+.

We encourage less experienced players to join us and are prepared to help very new players learn how to play the game.

Set in survival mode, players have to find food to eat and survive, avoid the monsters (which mostly come out at night), or kill them, and build shelters and other structures in which to keep their belongings. The Fairhaven market place and cross roads are the only area to have been made in creative mode.

Based on 'vanilla' Minecraft (i.e. no modifications), Fairhaven is the name of the world, and the medieval style village and harbour which nestles right at the centre of the game map. Fairhaven is a peaceful realm, with no PvP (player versus player combat), and is aimed to encourage players to interact, build and explore. Players are invited to set up an initial medieval style home / base in the central village and build as many structures as they like in the medieval style.

It will initially be free to join Fairhaven and anyone who joins for free will never be asked for payment. However, we anticipate we may start charging a small fee for new players at a later date.

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The rules are few and are based on being kind, not stealing, and checking in at least once a week - although we hope we'll see you more often than that!

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