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The Fairhaven Economy

The Fairhaven economy uses the following items as currency:

  • Iron
  • Gold (and gold nuggets)
  • Emeralds
  • Diamonds

These items can be used to 'buy' other items as made available by players.

Items stored in chests that are marked 'For Sale' may be exchanged with the above currency items using the table linked below as a guide - although players can charge what they like for items.

Fairhaven Price List

The price list is based on that created by Naughty_Uk and ImImprobable at https://www.naughtynathan.co.uk/minecraft/prices.htm.

The prices are originally based on item stacks, although we have used the individual prices as the base. The prices reflect each items rarity and the amount of effort, time and resources needed to collect them. Manufactured items, like beds, enchanting tables, item frames, etc. cost roughly the price of their component parts (rounded up), usually with a little extra added for the hassle of constructing and storing them. For this reason you may find out that in some instances it is slightly cheaper to buy stacks of raw materials and make your own items if you can be bothered with the extra effort.

The enchantments pricing table has been carefully and labouriously calculated by ImImprobable, based on the many different probability tables, casting chances and level availability for each enchantment. However, his precise values have been heavily rounded them up or down to produce costs that are easier to add and apply.