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If you wish to join Fairhaven, please complete the form by clicking on the link below.

If you are under 25 please be prepared for questions on why you think you'll fit in with the other players.

As there are only 11 concurrent players allowed to login to a Minecraft realm at any one time, we have split the world into three time zones (see diagram). Up to 10 players will be invited from each time zone, to allow for overlap.*

There are currently 11 players in time zone 1 due to low activity of some players. This will be reveiwed if too many players try to play at the same time.

Players who meet the age requirement will be invited on a strict 'first come, first served' basis for each time zone.

It will initially be free to join Fairhaven and anyone who joins for free will never be asked for payment. However, we anticipate we may start charging a small fee for new players at a later date.

Time Zones