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Here is a list of resources you may find useful and entertaining. Please let us know if there are any that you think we should add.

Lag Report Analysis

Click here to see a summary of lag reports issued.


Medieval Building Guides


There are only two mods that we allow:

Optifine is used to enhance your Minecraft experience by allowing it to run better on older, lower spec. computers. It has loads of options which allow you to control the amount of detail shown in the game.

This mod adds texture pack compatibility, fancy glass (because of improved transparency), connected textures, lighting effects, improved animations and usage of fonts.

Shaders are used with Optifine to further enhance the appearance of Minecraft by adding realistic shadows and water reflections. An example of such a shader is Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders (SUES) which can be downloaded at https://shadersmods.com/sonic-ethers-unbelievable-shaders-mod/. A Google search for "Minecraft Shaders" will find many other examples.

Resource (Texture) Packs

We generally prefer you to use resource packs that maintain the general look and feel of vanilla Minecraft. This is so that buildings will look roughly the same to everyone. Any texture pack described as "faithful", including the one actually called Faithful are gnerally suitable. (See Building Guidelines).

The textures of Faithful are similar to Minecraft's default texture pack. Minecraft's default has a 16x16 pizel resolution, while Faithful (the pack has this name because it stays 'faithful' to Minecraft's original textures) is based on a 32x32 version.

This resource pack has a familiar default style appearance, but with extra detail.

Naturus uses a modified version of the vanilla resource pack, but adds additional sounds and changes the lighting. We particularly like the bird song. Requires Optifine to work properly.


Check out his building tutorials - very useful and highly recommended.

Grian has some good ideas and general building tips.

Provides detailed news on Minecraft snapshots and updates.

YogsCast - Lewis & Simon
Lewis and Simon started playing Minecraft in the early days and an initial 'let's play' become a full blown story - The Shadow of Israphel.

Paul Soares Jr
Paul doesn't play Minecraft as much now, but his second 'How to Survive and Thrive' series and various 'Man versus Minecraft' series are extremely entertaining.