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The following rules apply at all times to all players. In addition, there are building guidelines here.

1. Do Not Grief

Griefing is modifying or damaging other players builds (buildings, landscaping, gardens, etc.) without their permission. Don't do this! To prevent arguments we recommend you mark out a boundary around your build as soon as possible to show the area you have claimed as yours. You should also put a sign on your main entrance with your character name (e.g. 'Block_Hed's mansion) so the admins know what belongs to who. This applies to Fairhaven itself as much as a build 3,000 blocks from the central spawn area.

If you build something and are then happy for someone else to use or modify it, put a sign at the front gate saying 'No longer in use'.

2. Do Not Build on the Spawn Area

Fairhaven is being built around the spawn area, but the very central square should not be built on as this is where players will appear after they have died and didn't have an alternative spawn location.

3. Follow the Building Guidelines, Be Tidy and Look After the Environment


All building and landscaping within 2,000 blocks in each direction of the central spawn area at (-255, 92) must be in a Medieval style in compliance with the Building Guidelines. In other words, you must build with a Medieval style within x coordinates -1255 and 1745 and z coordinates -1908 and 2092.

(To find your coordinates, press F3. The information shows the x, y and z coordinates that you are currently situated at. The y coordinate is the height, with 64 being sea level).

Go to the Building Guidelines


If you start cutting down a tree, finish the job. We don't want to see half cut down trees. Ideally, replant saplings so there are more trees to cut down for others. This is particularly important around Fairhaven village as lots of wood will be needed to make the village.


Withers can be very damaging if allowed to go out of control. For this reason Withers must not be spawned above ground in the overworld, and if spawned underground they must be contained in an obsidian room. Withers may be spawned in the Nether provided they don't damage any player structures.

General Environmental Good Practise

Don't leave blocks hanging in mid-air.

Generally, keep the world looking 'natural'.

Redstone Machines and Automated Farms

Fully automated redstone machines are strictly prohibited on the server as they can cause lag. Other than very limited uses of redstone such as automated fishing, railway points, and other small uses, fully automated redstone contraptions must not be used.

We would prefer it if mob farms are created outside of the 4,000 x 4,000 block spawn area. However, we understand that some players like to use them, and for them it's a part of the game. So within 2,000 blocks of the spawn area such structures must be either built out of site underground, or disguised as medieval structures.

4. Do Not Steal

We've already covered stealing building materials from buildings (above) in 'DO NOT GRIEF'. Here we mean taking from chests.

Unlabelled Chests

If a chest isn't labelled otherwise it is considered private and the items within belong to the player and should not be taken.

Public Chest

If a chest has a 'Public Chest' sign then the player has kindly allowed others to take from it when they need. We encourage this! Don't take more than you need, so that others can benefit from this generosity.

Items For Sale Chests

Chests marked 'For Sale' have items that can be exchanged for currency items. Please see the 'Economy' section for items prices / values.

Captive Livestock (cows, sheep, chickens and pigs)

As livestock is easy to breed, we feel that it is acceptable to kill any captive livestock provided that it is bred first, and no more animals are taken than have just been bred.


As with livestock, crops are easy to replace. It is acceptable to pick crops, provided that as many as picked or more are replanted.

5. Don't Use Mods or Hacks

It's actually quite difficult to use mods in Minecraft Realms, but the use of any mod or hack to give you an unfair advantage over other players is strictly disallowed.

The only mods permitted are Optifine, MCPatcher, shaders (to improve the appearance of Minecraft) and resource packs.

6. Check In Weekly

Minecraft Realms only allows 11 concurrent players. We don't want players who, for example, will play 2 hours for the first week they join and then not be seen again. Therefore we ask that you check in and play at least an hour per week, or notify us with a reason why you can't (e.g. holiday, sickness).

Players who are not seen for more than 3 concurrent weeks will lose their invite to play.

7. Respect ALL admin and moderators and their decisions

We're trying our best to make Fairhaven fun and fair. Please respect the rules and decisions made by admin and moderators.

8. Do not spam the chat

We encourage players to chat and interact, but keep it sensible.

Players are requested to use the text chat within Minecraft for all important in-game messages. However, we do also support the use of Discord for voice chat, which you can join by using the link supplied when you join us.

9. Do not advertise

This includes other websites and other servers.

10. Do not be offensive

This is a mature server, so we don't mind some 'cussing' but don't make personal comments about other players that would be considered offensive.

11. Do not beg for items

This is a survival game and the fun is mining for, finding, swapping and buying items. Don't expect items to be given to you if you beg - either from the admins or from other players.

12. Have Fun!

The admin has the right and final decision to remove invites for any player who breaks the above rules. We hope that doesn't happen to you.

Fairhaven Rules