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Fossil Game

Hunt for fossils on our virtual 'Fossil Beach'.

Welcome to the Fossil Beach 'Virtual Beach' game. Here's your chance to search our virtual beach for fossils. The beach may just seem like it's full of pebbles, but keep your eyes open - you may see a clue about where you should be looking.

The link to the game is further down this page, but read these instructions first:

Fossil AmmoniteLook at the beach and see if you catch a glimpse of where a fossil may be as it flashes for a split second.

Fossil AmmoniteWhen you see a flash, click or tap on the area where you think the fossil is. You may need to click or tap around in the area a few times to find it.

Fossil AmmoniteDon't worry if nothing happens - wait for the flash of clues again and see if you can find the fossil this time.

Fossil AmmoniteLook carefully - what may seem like a fossil may just turn out to be a pebble.

Fossil AmmoniteIf you are lucky, you may find an ammonite fragment - a smaller piece of a full ammonite.

Fossil AmmoniteIf you're really sharp, you may find a full fossil ammonite. If you do, you can download and print a certificate to say you've found a full fossil ammonite on 'Fossil Beach'.

And don't forget - you can buy real fossils in our Fossil Shop.


Fossil ammonites