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Climb aboard the 'Mandel Sub'

You are about to take a journey of discovery into the heart of the Mandelbrot Set.

Using an imaginary craft called the 'Mandel Sub', it will be a voyage into the depths of a fractal. Zooming deeper into this famous fractal, you will see how details emerge and re-emerge at new scales and magnifications.

We will explain how the images you can see in the Gallery have been created by modifying the view of the fractal as you go deeper and deeper.

So, climb aboard, fasten your safety belts, and get ready to delve deep into the Mandelbrot set.

Please Note: The typical file sizes of the images you will be viewing are 100 kb. Please be patient whilst they download - they will take less time to download than they did to create!
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The 'Mandel Sub' is ready for a journey of fractal discovery...

The 'Mandel Sub'

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