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As well of being able to view the fractal images we have created, there is also the opportunity to buy high quality prints of some of the fractals.

Fractal Print Prices

Size A2

PRICE: £11.95
plus £3.00 shipping & handling

(US $21.51* plus US $5.40* shipping & handling)

(420 x 594mm / 16.5" x 23")

If you see any fractal images you really like in the fractal gallery, you can purchase them as high quality prints.

These very high resolution (6,000 x 4,500 pixels), full colour prints are available when you see the Shopping Cart icon . Click on the icon to add a print to your shopping cart.

The prints are on high quality glossy paper, and are supplied un-framed.

TribalFractal Jigsaw Puzzles!

One of our sister websites, The Jigsaw Doctor, now stocks wooden jigsaw puzzles containing our fractal images.
Click here to purchase fractal jigsaw puzzles.

All images are © Copyright Quantum Enterprises. You are free to download the images in the gallery for personal use only (such as for desktop wallpaper). If you wish to use the images for commercial purposes, please contact us.
* Price based on an exchange rate of £1 = $1.80. Please check current exchange rates.
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