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Premium 'Ultra' Handwriting Font - Spot the Difference (Answer)

In the image below we asked you to guess which of the two examples was the original real handwriting, and which was the handwriting font:
Comparison of Premium 'Ultra' Handwriting Font Service with actual handwriting
Can't work it out? - No 1 is the font!

The Premium 'Ultra' handwriting font service embeds over 100 additional characters in the font, which are accessed and replaced by our FREE Scriptalizer™ Software. The software replaces the 'standard' characters with alternatives on a semi-random basis. The replacements include individual letters, letter pairs, starting letters, ending letters and starting and ending letter strokes. This adds another level of naturalness to your handwriting font.

Did the 'mistake' in the example above fool you?
Our Scriptalizer™ Software can automatically add random 'mistakes' to make your handwriting font look even more realistic!

Example of a Premium 'Ultra' Service handwriting font