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Mail Merging with the Scriptalizer and Premium 'Ultra' Fonts

You can use Premium 'Ultra' Fonts with mail merging applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign by pre-Scriptalizing your mail merge database.

Very High Volume Mail Merging

For very large projects an application embeddable DLL version and an API version of the Scriptalizer™ software is available for companies who wish to convert a large amount of handwriting in one session.
More Information about the DLL version
More Information about the API version

Mail Merging using Microsoft Excel / Microsoft Word (and similar applications)

For smaller projects it is relatively easy to pre-convert the mail merge data (names addresses etc.) in the web based version of the Scriptalizer™ by exporting the data as a CSV file, converting it, and then re-importing the converted text*.

* The process given below is for Microsoft products, but is similar for other applications such as Adobe InDesign. The key is to pre-convert the database before using it in your mail merge application.

When using Microsoft® Word® for mail merging the data is stored in a comma separated format (CSV) which can accessed via Microsoft Excel. Here are the steps to convert the text so that it renders correctly in the relevant Premium 'Ultra' font:

  1. IMPORTANT: Make a backup of your data file (just in case things go wrong).
  2. Save the mail merge data in Excel as a CSV file.
  3. Open the CSV file in a plain text editor (e.g. Windows Notepad)
  4. Copy the text from Notepad into the web based version of the Scriptalizer™.
  5. Click the 'Comma Variation' button if using a version 6 font to turn off comma variations.
  6. Scriptalize the text
  7. Copy the Scriptalized text back to Notepad (It will look like lots of strange symbols).
  8. Save the file as a .txt file, selecting encoding as UTF-16LE (The UTF-16LE encoding is important to ensure that no characters are lost or changed.)
  9. Import the .txt file back into Excel.

Note: Unless you view the imported text in the actual Premium 'Ultra' font it will still look like lots of strange symbols. Provided that the correct font is used when mail merging you should see the correct natural handwriting font in the Word output.

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