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Single line handwriting font resources and software

For Use with the AxiDraw and Other Pen Plotters

To be able to use our single line handwriting fonts you will need suitable software.

How does the Scriptalizer Work with Single Line Fonts?

We have worked with Evil Mad Scientist, makers of the AxiDraw pen plotter, to provide an ideal handwriting font solution for use with the AxiDraw. If you own an AxiDraw you can use the Hershey Advanced and AxiDraw Merge Inkscape extensions (see below) which has the software built in and adds the letter variations at the point you convert your document to single line format.

Our fonts can be used with other pen plotters as well, although the exact process will depend on the software and work flows that you use. Many work with Inkscape and the Hershey extension, which can be used with the Scriptalizer™ web application to manually add the variations. (More information below).

About Single Line Font Software

Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Xara X. Inkscape is the most commonly used interface for driving the AxiDraw.
Inkscape Website

Hershey Text
Hershey Text is an Inkscape extension for rendering text with single-line fonts. The current version (Hershey Text v 3.0) works with our single-line fonts and is included with the AxiDraw software. You can also download Hershey Text and its PDF user guide here.
Hershey Text User Guide & Download Link

Hershey Advanced
Hershey Advanced is an upgraded version of Hershey Text, and allows additional character variation options, suitable for printed handwriting style fonts. AxiDraw Merge offers that and support for mail merge operations. Hershey Advanced and AxiDraw Merge are commercial software packages, available at no cost to AxiDraw owners. Contact Evil Mad Scientist for more information.

Using our single-line fonts with other plotters
We supply a single-line SVG stroke font, a single-line TrueType (TTF) stroke font, and a regular TrueType (TTF) outline font version of each typeface. Whether or not these fonts will work with your particular software and plotter is generally a matter of which font formats your software and hardware support.

If in doubt you can check with the manufacturer, or try our Single Line SVG Font Test Document to check for compatibility with your equipment.

Single Line SVG Font Test Document
(Opens in a new tab)

A Basic Guide to using a Single Line Premium 'Ultra' Handwriting Font in Inkscape

Here is a very basic guide on how you can use your single line Premium 'Ultra' font with the Scriptalizer™ software using Inkscape.

This guide is specifically about using our fonts and does not include the installation of Inkscape, installation of extensions, using the AxiDraw Merge software, or setting up your AxiDraw. It also assumes you have a working knowledge of the Hershey extensions.
We strongly recommend you follow the links given above for full detailed instructions.
However, if you know what you are doing and need a quick and easy guide, then here it is.

Please ensure that you have the latest version on Inkscape installed.


Install the standard TTF version of the font (the file that ends with .ttf but does not have SL appended to the font name).
For instructions on font installation please go to here.


There are a number different ways to add your single line svg font to Inkscape, dependent on whether you are using the Hershey Advanced or Hershey Text extensions:-

Hershey Advanced (AxiDraw users only)

Please ensure that you are using Hershey Advanced version 4.5.2 or later, released December 2021, which addresses a bug regarding word spacing.

Copy the SVG version the font into the correct folder.

A. Open Inkscape 1.0
B. From the menu, select Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Inkscape > Preferences (Mac)
C. Select System from the list on the left panel of the preferences window.
D. On the right-hand panel is a list of folder locations. Click the "Open" button to the right of the "User extensions" folder location. This will open the extensions folder.

Inside this extensions folder is another folder called "svg_fonts". Place the svg font file in this folder.

Go to Extensions > AxiDraw Utilities > Hershey Advanced. (If you cannot see the Hershey Advanced extension then it is likely that you haven't installed the software. In which case, contact Evil Mad Scientist for your copy).
Under the 'Render' tab use the drop down menu to set the Font face to 'Other (given below)'

Method 1 - Specify the Font Name in Hershey Advanced

In the 'Name/Path:' box enter name of the font (see example below).

Specify the font in Hershey Text

Click the 'Apply' button.

Method 2 - Use the TTF Version of the Font to Pre-Format the Document

Rather than specifying the name of the font in Method 1 above, if you create your document in the TrueType version of your handwriting font, Hershey Advanced will recognise this and render the text to single line using the same font.

Note: This will override any font you specify in the 'Name/Path:' box.

Here's an example:-

  1. Leave the 'Name/Path:' box in Hershey Advanced blank.
  2. Select the TrueType version of your font in the Inkscape font menu and write your document using this font.
  3. Open up Hershey Advanced and click the 'Apply' button.

Hershey Text (Non-AxiDraw Users)

Open Inkscape 1.0

Go to Extensions > Text > Hershey Text

Under the 'Render' tab use the drop down menu to set the Font face to 'Other (given below)' and in the 'Name/Path:' box enter the full path to the font (see example below).

Font path in Hershey Text

In the example above the svg font is located in C:\Users\Quantum\Documents. Note that the full filename is used, INCLUDING the .svg extension.

How to 'Scriptalize' Your Single Line Premium 'Ultra' Font

Method 1 (Using Hershey Text if you are NOT an AxiDraw user )

  1. Create your document in Inkscape using the TrueType version of your font.
  2. Copy the text into the web based Scriptalizer™ and Scriptalize the text using your TrueType font.
  3. Copy and paste the Scriptalized text back over the text in the Inkscape document.
  4. Use the Hershey Text extension* to convert the document to single line.

If you are using a version 6 Premium 'Ultra' font with Hershey Text then download this version as it fixes a variable spacing bug.

Method 2 (Using Hershey Advanced if you are an AxiDraw user)

Whilst AxiDraw users can use the above method as well, you also have the option to use the Hershey Advanced extension, which makes the process simpler, as the Scriptalizer™ is built into the software.

  1. Create your document in Inkscape using the TrueType version of your font.
  2. Use the Hershey Advanced Inkscape extension to convert the text to single line. This will automatically Scriptalize the text using the built in Scriptalizer™ functionality.

Single Line Font Resources

A compendium of information about single stroke fonts
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