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How to use your handwriting font

This page explains how to use a TrueType handwriting font for use with laser and inkjet printers. To find out how to use a single line font (for use with the NextDraw and other pen plotters), please visit our single line font resources page.

General Font Usage

Once you have installed your handwriting font you can use it just like any other font on your computer.

For example, if you are using a Word Processor, you can start a new document and type a sentence. Then select the text and find your font in the drop-down font menu. When you select your font (it usually starts with the prefix 'QE') the text that you typed will change into your own handwriting.

If you cannot find your font in the font menu then it means that you have not successfully installed it. Click here to go back to the installation instructions.

You can then change the size and colour of the font just like any other font on your computer. (We will suggest the best size for your font when we send it to you).

How to add variations to your Premium 'Ultra' handwriting font using the Scriptalizer™ software

To find out how to use the Scriptalizer™ software please visit the Scriptalizer™ instructions page.

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How to add your signature(s)

You can add your signature to any document by typing the ~ (tilde), ` (grave) or | (bar) keys (or the character(s) you specified when you purchased your font). It's as easy as that!

For the best effect, once you've added your signature highlight it using your mouse and increase the point size to adjust it to the correct size in comparison with the rest of your handwriting font. You may need to experiment with a few test prints to get it to be just the right size.

NOTE: Standard service fonts only have one signature, assigned to the supplied to ~ (tilde) key by default>
Your signature may not be scale with the other characters in your font. This is because most people write their signature at a larger size to their normal handwriting. To adjust the spacing to suit the larger signature would make the rest of the line spacing disproportionately wide.

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How to use the SPACEanchor™ system

SPACEanchorsIf you have purchased a Premium 'Ultra' service font, the Scriptalizer™ software will add SPACEanchor™ strokes automatically for you according to your handwriting style. (Scriptalizer™ instructions).

If you have purchased a Standard service font you can still use the SPACEanchor™ system, by manually adding additional strokes at the beginning of words using the circumflex (^) character.

Add the SPACEanchor™ strokes as often as you do when you actually write, and put the strokes at the start of the same letters you usually do. Don't overdo them unless you really use them that often!

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