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Purchase Realistic Handwriting Fonts

I want to purchase pre-made, realistic TrueType handwriting fonts with character variations to use with my inkjet or laser printer.

We have produced over 80 pre-made Premium 'Ultra' realistic handwriting fonts which you can preview in our proprietary Scriptalizer™ software - a sort of handwriting font generator - and purchase for your own personal or commercial use.

Purchase Single Line Handwriting Fonts

I want to purchase pre-made, realistic single line handwriting fonts with character variations for use with my pen plotter.

Our Premium 'Ultra' realistic handwriting fonts are also available as single line versions. Designed to integrate with the AxiDraw pen plotter, but compatible with other plotters and CAD equipment.

Custom handwriting font

I want to order a custom TrueType (for inkjet or laser printers) or single line handwriting font (for pen plotters) made from handwriting that I supply.

You can have your own handwriting converted into a font. We offer a Standard service without character variations, and the Premium 'Ultra' service which uses the Scriptalizer™ software to add variations. You can also just opt have a signature-only font. Which ever service you choose, you have the option to have the font made into a single line version.

The font vault

I'm looking for free handwriting fonts for use with my inkjet or laser printer.

Visit the 'Font Vault' to download free Standard Service handwriting fonts. These fonts do not have character variations, but are still great quality fonts. The fonts are free for personal use and a license is available for commercial use.

Our Single Line Handwriting Fonts (Single Stroke Fonts / Open Contour Fonts) are Market Leaders

Our pre-made and custom handwriting fonts are also available to order as single line handwriting fonts (also known as single stroke / open contour fonts) for use with pen plotters and other CAD controlled equipment.
You can also order a single-line version of your own custom-made font.
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Introducing the Premium 'Ultra' Realistic Handwriting Font Service

Premium 'Ultra' ServiceOur best service. The Premium 'Ultra' Service produces ultra realistic handwriting fonts, using the Scriptalizer™ software for added realism. Suitable for both printed and cursive (joined up) handwriting and made from your natural handwriting. There's nothing else to compare on the market for quality or price!

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Scriptalizer(TM) logoThe Premium 'Ultra' handwriting font service embeds over 100 (version 5) and 300 (version 6) additional characters in the font, which are accessed and replaced by our FREE Scriptalizer™ Software. (More variations are possible with single line multi-fonts).The software replaces the 'standard' characters with alternatives on a semi-random basis. The replacements include individual letters, letter pairs, starting letters, ending letters and starting and ending letter strokes. This adds another level of naturalness to your handwriting font.

The Premium 'Ultra' service is associated with a unique configuration file which encodes certain aspects of your handwriting style. This gives the fonts the most realistic and natural look you could imagine!

The fonts are of an exceptionally high quality, because the connections of each letter to the next have individually been worked with to produce a truly accurate reproduction of the original handwriting.

The Premium 'Ultra' Service is required to get the best results for cursive (joined up) handwriting, but also significantly improves the realism of printed handwriting styles.

The Premium 'Ultra' Service is also available as a single line (open contour) font for use with pen plotters.

Video 1: An Introduction to the Premium 'Ultra' Realistic Handwriting font Service

This video explains why the Premium 'Ultra' Service and Scriptalizer™ software are the best on the market for producing realistic handwriting fonts. It gives a brief demonstration of the Scriptalizer™ software in action.

Video 2: How the Scriptalizer Software™ Works and How to Use the Software Interface

This video explains the theory of character substitution, and gives a detailed description of how to use the Scriptalizer™ software, including font selection, 'error' characters, and a tour of the software interface.

Choose your custom-made handwriting font service:

Premium 'Ultra' Service

Premium 'Ultra' Handwriting Font Service

Example of a Premium 'Ultra' Service font

Our best handwriting font service. Ultra realistic handwritten fonts from your natural handwriting, using the Scriptalizer™ software for added realism (for both PC and Mac). The Scriptalizer™ acts as a sort of cursive writing generator- taking an existing handwriting font and making it look more real than ever. Suitable for cursive handwriting (joined up) and printed handwriting. This is the most realistic service on the market because there is more than one version of each letter in your font.
Price from £114.45 ($ *)
(Wait time: Up to 28 days)

Standard Service

Standard Handwriting Font Service

Example of a Standard Service font

The Standard Service is a quality handwriting font service, but does not include the extra characters of the Premium 'Ultra' Service. It produces a realistic custom, cursive or printed handwriting font from your natural handwriting. Suitable for cursive (joined up) and printed handwriting.
Price from £37.95 ($ *)
(Wait time: Up to 28 days)

SignaTYPE Service

SignaTYPE Handwriting Font Service
Example of a SignaTYPE Service font

The SignaTYPE service is a 'signature only' service that produces a font with up to three signatures. This is ideal if you don't want your whole handwriting turned into a font, but still want to add your signature to documents with a press of a key.
Price from £2.45 ($ *)
(Wait time: Usually less than 24 hours)

Single Line Font

NEW! Multi-Font Variations (for AxiDraw users and single line fonts)

For customers who are looking for even more letter variations than our version 6 Premium 'Ultra' fonts provide, we're excited to announce that you can now increase the number of variations in your single line font by purchasing multiple fonts in the same handwriting style and combining them into one SVG single line font*.

*This feature is only available to AxiDraw users with the Hershey Advanced or AxiDraw Merge software.

What are multi-font variations (MFVs)?

Multi-font variations (or MFVs) are enhanced single line fonts that use two or more fonts of the same handwriting style to multiply the number of variations available when you render your document to single line.

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What our customers say:

Many thanks for the fonts - we have already integrated into our system and used the Scriptalizer as well. I must say its brilliant, and surpasses our expectations.
Well done on a great product, please keep it under wraps as I would prefer my competition do not know about it :-)
- Alan Wood (Australia) (Premium 'Ultra' PLUS Service)
This is absolutely wonderful. Thank-you so much. I suffer from a degenerative spinal disease so quite often I have problems holding a pen, but there are often times when a handwritten note or letter is more appropriate than an email or a word-processed letter. Now I will be able to do that without struggling. Cheers!!!
- EC (Northern Ireland) (Standard Service)
We have the single line fonts installed and loaded the beta release of the AxiDraw software that integrates the Scriptalizer. Amazing results!
- Megan Rikli (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' PLUS Service - Single Line Font)
...You guys do an amazing job! Takes a literal genius to create something like this, and more great minds to keep it going and up to date. Kudos to all of you!
- M.F. (USA) (Premium 'Ultra' Service - Single Line Font)