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Your handwriting is unique

- each letter has its own style, and the overall appearance of the handwriting is recognisable as your own.

Wouldn't it be great if you could personalise typewritten documents with your own handwriting?

Well here you can, with our range of handwriting font services, which use examples of handwritten characters provided by you. Your handwriting is then converted into a font by our handwriting expert for use on any Windows or Mac PC.

If you have a pen plotter such as the AxiDraw we can also produce a single line version of your font.

Custom handwriting fonts can be used for a variety of purposes, from enhancing personal correspondence, to increasing the open rate of marketing mailings, or giving a more intimate feel to business letters.

Handwriting font being used in Microsoft Word
Airmail Envelope with address written using Premium 'Ultra' handwriting font

Uses For Handwriting Fonts

Having your own handwriting as a font allows you to add a unique level of personalisation to typewritten documents.

You can use our fonts in any program that has access to the font menu. Word processing, desktop publishing, art and design - the list goes on...

Our fonts, as with any TrueType Fonts, will work with mail-merging programs (such as Microsoft® Word), allowing you to send personalised correspondence to many people quickly and easily, in your own handwriting.

If required, we can supply a single line (also known as single stroke or open contour) version of your font so that you can use it with a pen plotter for an even more realistic handwriting effect.

You can also use our font services to produce doodle fonts (where you replace letters with a mini doodle or drawing).

If you can type faster than you can write neatly, but would still like to give your documents that personal touch, then this service is for you.

  • Personalise typewritten letters to friends and family with your own handwriting.
  • Great for wedding or party invites and thank you letters.
  • Politicians, lawyers, doctors and other professionals can now make correspondence more personal.
  • Marketeers - increase the opening rate of mail by over 340%!*
  • Helpful for senior citizens with arthritis or illness.
  • Use your handwriting to make titles for your web pages, flyers and notices.
  • A great enhancement for digital scrapbooking.
  • Preserve your child's handwriting forever.
  • Sign letters with your own signature using a single key stroke.
  • Give email messages a personal touch.**

*According to a study conducted by the American Heart Foundation.

**E-mail messages require the recipient to have the font installed on their computer too.

Handwriting font being typed on a PC

People With Disabilities

As mentioned above, if you have a debilitating illness or disability that makes it difficult to write in your own handwriting, having a handwriting font allows you to go back to being able to create documents as if you had handwritten them.

If you are no longer able to write, but have copies of your handwriting from when you could, we can make a special handwriting font that captures your original handwriting style. Please contact us with as much detail as possible and we will give you a quotation to have your existing handwriting converted

Handwriting Font Services

We have a full range of handwriting font services available. Most require you to print out a set of forms (or purchase them as a pack), complete them with your natural handwriting, and send them by e-mail or post for our expert font maker to convert into a handwriting font.

Premium 'Ultra' Service

Example of a Premium 'Ultra' Service font showing an 'error'Our Premium 'Ultra' Service, the cream of our services, produces extremely realistic handwriting fonts when used 'normally'. However, Premium 'Ultra' Fonts also include from 110 to 318 additional hidden characters within the font that, when used in conjunction with our FREE Scriptalizer™ software, produce randomness and variation that makes the handwriting font look more real than ever! (More variations are possible with single line multi-fonts)