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Premium 'Ultra' Handwriting Font Service

Our best service. The Premium 'Ultra' Service produces ultra realistic TrueType (and optional single line) handwriting fonts, using the Scriptalizer™ software for added realism. Suitable for both printed and cursive (joined up) handwriting and made from your natural handwriting. There's nothing else to compare on the market for quality or price!

Scriptalizer(TM) logoThe Premium 'Ultra' handwriting font service is available in two versions.

  • Version 5 embeds 110 additional character variations in the font.
  • Version 6* embeds 318 additional character variations in the font.

*(More variations are possible with single line multi-fonts. AxiDraw pen plotter users only).

View Version 5 Example (PDF file)    View Version 6 Example (PDF file)

Both versions sets of characters are accessed and replaced by our FREE Scriptalizer™ Software. The software replaces the 'standard' characters with alternatives on a semi-random basis. The replacements include individual letters, letter pairs, starting letters, ending letters, starting and ending letter strokes, capital letters*, spaces* and punctuation and symbols*. This adds another level of naturalness to your handwriting font.

* Version 6 only

Which Version Should I Choose?

Please see our Differences Between Premium Ultra Font Versions page (opens in a new window) which explains about the different versions and helps you decide which version to choose.

The Premium 'Ultra' service is associated with a unique configuration file which encodes certain aspects of your handwriting style. This gives the fonts the most realistic and natural look you could imagine!

The fonts are of an exceptionally high quality, because the connections of each letter to the next have individually been worked with to produce a truly accurate reproduction of the original handwriting.

The Premium 'Ultra' Service is required to get the best results for cursive (joined up) handwriting, but also significantly improves the realism of printed handwriting styles.

Which one is the font, and which one is the real handwriting?
Comparison of Premium 'Ultra' Handwriting Font Service with actual handwriting
Can't tell the difference? That's how realistic our Premium 'Ultra' Service is!

Click here for the answer


What Makes The Premium 'Ultra' Service Different?

Example of the SPACEanchor strokesWith careful examination of your writing style, and the automated use of our unique SPACEanchor™ system, we can reproduce your handwriting so that it looks extremely similar to your actual script. We do this by asking you to write a number of key words, sentences, numerals, punctuation and other characters in your natural handwriting, rather than writing out individual letters in boxes.

We also use over 40 years of Graphonomy (handwriting analysis) experience to assist in ensuring that your unique handwriting style is re-created.

With the Premium 'Ultra' handwriting font service we have overcome the limitations of character repetition, by embedding over 100 additional characters in the font (More than 300 in the Version 6 fonts). These are accessed and replaced by our FREE Scriptalizer™ Software, which adds another level of naturalness to your, already fantastic, handwriting font. We therefore ask you to supply more examples of your handwriting than for the Standard Service.

Oops - I've made an error!

An optional second form allows you to supply examples of how you cross out or scribble out mistakes for words of different lengths. Many of us experience a 'slip of the pen' when we write and have to cross out our mistake (or use correction fluid, or tear it up and start again!).

Example of Scriptalizer 'error'

If you supply these 'error' characters, when you use the Scriptalizer™, you will have the option to ask the software to add 'mistakes' at a frequency you choose.

The Scriptalizer™ will take the next word when it is time to create a 'mistake', randomly change one letter, and then cross it out. If you do not complete this form, we will generate a default 'error' character using one single line through the centre of the word to be crossed out.


How Does The Scriptalizer™ Work?

The Scriptalizer™ software is available for free as a web based application that can be used with any modern web browser and is used with the Premium 'Ultra' service. The output can be used in any application that supports TrueType fonts.

You can also use the Scriptalizer within Microsoft® Word® by purchasing a special template at extra cost. More Information

An application embeddable DLL version and an API version of the Scriptalizer™ software is also available for companies who wish to convert a large amount of handwriting in one session and automate the process.
More Information about the DLL
More Information about the API


To use the web based version of the Scriptalizer™ you simply type (or paste) the text you want to 'naturalise' in the top window, click the Scriptalize! button, and your handwriting font looks better than ever!

You can then copy the converted text and paste in into your favourite word processor.

What makes the Scriptalizer™ different from other handwriting font services on the market is the use of a configuration file, which defines the letters that have starting and ending strokes particular to your handwriting style. This is automatically loaded in the Scriptalizer™ when you select your font.

The graphic (below) shows the type of variations found inside a Premium 'Ultra' font.

Variations in a Premium 'Ultra' font

Watch the Video

The video below explains the theory of how the Scriptalizer™ software works, and gives a tour of the software interface.


Character Sets

When you purchase your font we'll ask you to provide the following characters in various quantities:

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
! , . " # $ % & ' ( ) * + - / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] _ { } ‘ ’ “ ” • – — £ €

Plus the following optional characters:

¼ ½ ¾ ™ ¢ © ®

You'll be given the chance the request other lesser used characters (e.g. ¯ ° ² ³ ´ µ ¶ · ¸ ¹ º) when you place your order.

You'll also have the option to purchase 'language packs' that have the necessary 'accented' characters for various languages that use the Latin alphabet.

~ | ` are normally used for your signature
^ is used for anchor strokes if your handwriting uses them
Some special characters are reserved for the Premium 'Ultra' font specification

The Premium 'Ultra' PLUS Service (Available after purchase)

If you have a cursive handwriting style, which includes cursive capital letters, you may wish to take advantage of our Premium 'Ultra' PLUS Service.

When we create your handwriting font we will select the capital letters used at the beginning of words, so if you use cursive handwriting these capital letters will often join to the following letter.

However, if you want to produce entire words or sentences in capitals, the cursive capitals you use at the beginning of words don't always work well.

Image showing how cursive capitals do not provide good results when used together

After we have produced your font we will ask you if you want to add the Premium 'Ultra' PLUS Service, where we will use the printed capitals that you provide to produce a SECOND font, that will allow you to produce more acceptable printed handwriting, in capitals, when you need it.

Single Line Version

If you want to use your font with a pen plotter or other CAD application you will need to pay an additional cost to have it converted to single line (also known as single stroke). The price depends on the font version you purchase. More information.


Version 5 Font: From £114.45
($ *)
Version 6 Font: From £214.40
($ *)

Single Line Version (for Pen Plotters)

Additional cost of
Version 5 font: £109.95 ($ *)
Version 6 font: £219.95 ($ *)

Which version should I choose (Version 5 or Version 6? (Opens in a new window)

Wait time: Up to 28 days (Version 5) or Up to 28 days (Version 6)
(Please add an additional 5 to 7 days for a single line version of the font).

Costs are for normal use characters. Additional special character and language packs available.


Example of a Premium 'Ultra' Service handwriting font