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The Scriptalizer™ API Webservice

The Scriptalizer™ API webservice provides a standard interface, defined by WSDL, to allow licensed 3rd parties to access Scriptalizer™ functionality. The API returns a Scriptalized text string. The license fee is payable annually.

The Scriptalize method takes 4 parameters: LicenseKey, FontName, ErrFrequency and InputText, and returns a ScriptalizerResponse object containing two values: Status and OutputText.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product requires a good working knowledge of programming. We do not offer specific support for integration of the API with your own systems and software. As the license is non-refundable we recommend you only purchase this software if you have access to professional programmers and system integrators.

Read the full documentation.

How to Purchase

Use of the The Scriptalizer™ API webservice requires the purchase of an annual license and at least one Premium 'Ultra' handwriting font.

This license is granted to one individual or organisation and is not transferrable. Cancellation of the subscription will result in immediate cancellation of the license and removal of access to the API.

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to receive your license number as this process is not automatic.

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