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The Scriptalizer™ Software - DLL Version

Application Embeddable Version of the Scriptalizer™ Software

Whilst the Scriptalizer™ can be invoked via the Scriptalizer™ web based application, it is also available as a standalone DLL, available for a one-off payment, with no on-going license fees. This allows you to embed the Scriptalizer™ logic within your own application, generating "handwritten" output programmatically.

This version of the Scriptalizer™ is also COM-compatible and can be invoked in MS Office applications (such as Microsoft® Word®) and others that support COM interoperability.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product requires a good working knowledge of programming, DLL interoperability, MS Office applications, Visual Basic for Applications and the Microsoft .Net Framework, depending on the application.
As the software is non-refundable we recommend you only purchase this software if you have access to professional programmers and system integrators. Due to the vast number of OS and MS Office versions and applications, we cannot offer technical support with regard to software integration. However, provided you can provide detailed, technical information regarding errors considered to be down to the function of the DLL, we are prepared to offer chargeable technical support at our discretion.

For the above reasons, a simpler and cheaper Word template for the Scriptalizer (which uses our API) is also available separately.

This page describes the prerequisites, options and integration of the DLL and may be used in conjunction with the fully-working example code.


The DLL (delivered as file QuantumScriptalizer.DLL) is a Microsoft .Net assembly targeting Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0. It should also run on later versions of the Framework. Note that it has been developed and tested in a Windows environment. We are not aware of any reasons why it should not work on other platforms supporting .Net (such as .Net Core or Mono on Linux) but this has not been tested and is not currently supported by Quantum Enterprises.

No additional software is required, although to successfully use Scriptalizer™ you will need at least one Premium 'Ultra' font installed on the machine where the generated output is to be rendered, plus access to the configuration file for that font (or a compatible generic configuration).

Any .Net language should be able to call the DLL directly, and examples in both VB.Net and C# are provided, for a Windows Form application and a website demo respectively.

The package includes 20 pre-made Premium 'Ultra' fonts and their associated configuration files.

Read the full documentation and integration guide

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