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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which applications support Premium 'Ultra' fonts Scriptalized text?

Any application that uses TrueType Fonts and supports unicode characters can be used to display our Premium 'Ultra' fonts and Scriptalized text.

Examples include:-

  • Microsoft® Word®, Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Powerpoint® or any other Microsoft® Office application.
  • Desktop publishing software
  • Graphics and photo editing software such as Photoshop®

In addition, Premium 'Ultra' fonts can be displayed on web pages using our guide here.

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How many alternatives are there of each letter/character?

There are 110 additional character variations in version 5 Premium 'Ultra' fonts and 318 additional character variations in version 6* Premium 'Ultra' fonts. The replacements include individual letters, letter pairs, starting letters, ending letters and starting and ending letter strokes. In version 6 there are also capital letters variations, word spacing variations and punction / symbol variations. The number of variations is based on the frequency that letters appear within normal English writing written in sentence case.

*(More variations are possible with single line multi-fonts. AxiDraw pen plotter users only).

See the full Premium 'Ultra' Service specification

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Why, when I click the Scriptalize! button, do I see strange symbols?

If you see strange symbols when you click the Scriptalize! button, rather than handwriting, it is likely that you are using on older web browser that does not support non-standard fonts. Please update your web browser to the latest version.

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Why does my word processor tell me that words are spelled incorrectly - even when they're not?

If your word processor it set to spell check as you type (and/or indicates misspelled words with underlining), you will find that your Scriptalized text shows many spelling errors, even though the words are spelled correctly. This is because your word processor does not recognise the fact that alternative symbols have been used for some of the letters. It is best to pre-write your text in a word processor, check the spelling, then use the Scriptalizer™.

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Why is my Premium 'Ultra' Font is not showing any errors, even when I select a frequency of 1 in 10?

For the Scriptalizer™ to show handwritten 'mistakes' you have at least a Version 3 Premium 'Ultra' Font (i.e. made after Jan 06 2009).

Any fonts made prior to this version will also not show errors.

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Can I use a Scriptalized Premium 'Ultra' Font for mail merging or for large amounts of text?

Yes, you can certainly use Scriptalized Premium 'Ultra' Fonts with the Microsoft Word mail merging application.

For full details on how to achieve this for both small and larger projects please visit the dedicated help page Mail Merging with the Scriptalizer™ and Premium 'Ultra' Fonts

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Is there a plugin for Microsoft® Word® so that I don't have to use the web-based application?

With our Microsoft® Word® template you can type your text in your handwriting font and add variation with the Scriptalizer™ software, all without leaving Microsoft® Word®. All you need to do is highlight the text you want to Scriptalize and press Ctrl + Alt + s.
The software also has provision for handling multiple fonts. (Internet connection required)

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Does the Scriptalizer™ work with single line fonts for use with pen plotters?

Yes. If you own an AxiDraw you can use the Hershey Advanced Inkscape extension which has the software built in and adds the letter variations at the point you convert your document to single line format.

Our fonts can be used with other pen plotters as well, although the exact process will depend on the software and work flows that you use. Many work with Inkscape and the Hershey extension, which can be used with the Scriptalizer™ web application to manually add the variations.

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Help - None of the above helped me solve my problem!

If none of the answers to the frequently asked questions have helped you with a problem you may be having with the Scriptalizer™, and you have also read the Scriptalizer™ instructions, please click on the link below to contact us, stating (in detail) your problem, and we will see if we can help.

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