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Scriptalizer™ Instructions

To add variations to your Premium 'Ultra' font you will need to use our Scriptalizer™ software.

This page explains how the free-to-use web-based version of the Scriptalizer™ software works.

For instructions on how to use Microsoft® Word® Template click here.

For instructions on how to use API version click here.

For instructions on how to use Application Embeddable DLL version click here.

For instructions on how to use the Scriptalizer with single line fonts and the NextDraw, AxiDraw and other pen plotters click here.

Here's how the Scriptalizer™ software works:

  1. Type or paste some text into the top window of the Scriptalizer™.
  2. Convert it using the Scriptalize button.
  3. The converted text will look like realistic handwriting in the lower window!

If you want to use the output in a word processor (such as Microsoft® Word®), here's what you need to do:

  1. Install a Premium 'Ultra' font on your system. Font installation instructions.
    You'll need have your own handwriting converted into a font, or purchase one of the pre-made fonts to use it fully. (Make sure you can see it in the fonts list.)
  2. Copy the text from the bottom window and paste it into your Word processor. This will look like lots of strange symbols until you change the font.
  3. Highlight the text (the symbols) and change it to the handwriting font.
  4. The symbols turn into realistic looking handwriting!

Watch the Video

The video below explains the theory of how the Scriptalizer™ software works, and gives a tour of the software interface.

The Scriptalizer™ Interface

Here is an overview of the Scriptalizer™ web window:


Log In Area

Scriptalizer login area

If you have your own custom-made Premium 'Ultra' font, then you should have received a username and password. To access your own font(s), enter the supplied username and password in the boxes in the top left corner. Having a login means that only you can access your font.
Note: A login gives exclusive access to private fonts, but does not provide any other functionality. If you purchase a pre-made font, you do not need a login to use it fully.

If you don't have a custom-made Premium 'Ultra' font you can ignore the log in area and simply select one of the pre-made example fonts in the drop down font menu. This will allow you to test the Scriptalizer™ and see how it works before you make a custom-made font purchase. If you like any of the pre-made example fonts, and would like to use them in a word processor, you may purchase them at a reasonable price by clicking here.

Even after purchasing a pre-made Premium 'Ultra' font you will still not receive a login, as the font is already available for you to use with full functionality.

The Main Scriptalizer™ Interface

The Scriptalizer™ interface consists of two main windows:


The Upper Window is used to enter the text to be converted. You can either type directly in this window, or paste text from another application:

  • To paste in Windows use Ctrl+V or right click and select 'Paste' in the context menu.
  • To paste using a Mac you can use Control+Click to access a context menu, enable Right Click in the Mouse System Preference pane to enable access to the context menu, or use the keyboard shortcut Command+V.

Note: Maximum single request limit: 32 kb. For large requests please consider using our Licensed Webservice API.

The Lower Window shows the modified text after it has been 'Scriptalized' (i.e. certain letters have been replaced with alternatives).

Initially this window provides you with basic instructions on how to use the software. These will disappear when you 'Scriptalize' your handwriting.

The buttons between the two windows have the following functions:


Scriptalize! button

The Scriptalize! button 'naturalises' the text in the upper window and reproduces it as handwritten text in the lower preview window. It's fascinating to watch printed text become your own handwriting!

The Scriptalizer™ works by applying the font name loaded by the current configuration, replacing many of the letters with alternatives provided within the Premium 'Ultra' font, and using the settings loaded from the associated configuration file.

In addition, you can select an average frequency that the Scriptalizer™ adds handwriting 'mistakes'. (See 'Frequency Of Mistakes' further down this page).

Using the Scriptalized text

To make full use of the Scriptalized text you should select it, copy it, and then paste it into your favourite processor. This will allow you to change the colour of the text, line height, margins, etc. and to print your font.

You must install the Premium 'Ultra' font on your own computer to see the results correctly.

If you have purchased a Premium 'Ultra' font you should have already received instructions on how to install it. If you haven't yet installed your font, please click here for the full instructions.

If you want to use any of the pre-made fonts already in the Scriptalizer™, then click here to purchase any that you like.

To select the Scriptalized text, use your mouse to drag the cursor over it and highlight it all, or place your cursor in the window and use Ctrl+A in Windows or Command+A on a Mac.

  • To copy in Windows use Ctrl+C or right click and select 'Copy' in the context menu.
  • To copy using a Mac you can use Control+Click to access a context menu, enable Right Click in the Mouse System Preference pane to enable access to the context menu, or use the keyboard shortcut Command+C.

When you paste your text into a word processor you must highlight the text and select the Premium 'Ultra' font that you are using. If the font is not available in the font list, then you haven't installed it yet.

If you have confirmed that the font is installed, but the text is still showing as symbols, then you are probably using a later version of Microsoft® Word® which has auto-correct turned on. To resolve this you need to turn off auto-correct to prevent Word® from automatically changing symbol characters to a default symbol font. Also Note: We have identified a bug in Firefox for Mac that incorrectly encodes at least one special character, so do not recommend using this browser on the Mac.

If your word processor is set to spell check as you type (and/or indicates misspelled words with underlining), you will find that your Scriptalized text shows many spelling errors, even though the words are spelled correctly. This is because your word processor does not recognise the fact that alternative symbols have been used for some of the letters.

If you are concerned about making spelling errors, it is best to pre-write your text in a word processor, check the spelling, then paste the text into the Scriptalizer™.


De-Scriptalize button

The De-Scriptalize button allows you to convert Scriptalized text in the bottom window back into standard text in the top window. This is useful if you have previously created some Scriptalized text and now need to present it in a font that is not a Premium 'Ultra' Font.

Comma Variations (Version 6 fonts only)

Comma On buttonComma Off button

For customers who use mail merging and wish to convert comma separated data, the Comma Variations button allows you to prevent variations being added to commas.

Click the button to activate it. The activated button is shown with a cross to indicate the comma will not be changed. The next time any text is Scriptalized no comma variations will be added, thus preserving the comma separated text.

Click the button again to deactivate it and turn comma variations back on.

Font Name and Size Selection

Scriptalizer font selection

If you are not logged in, the font selection box contains a drop down list of the pre-made fonts available to try.

When logged in, the font selection drop down will contain any Premium 'Ultra' fonts that you own. The optimum size for your font is automatically set for each font selected.

Below the font selection drop down list you will also see the Scriptalizer™ version number of the current font your are using. Below this is a link to a help page which explains the differences between font versions.

Frequency Of Mistakes (Crossings Out)

Frequency of errors selector

Example of Scriptalizer 'error'If you have purchased a Version 3.00 or higher Premium 'Ultra' Handwriting font, you can choose to allow the Scriptalizer™ to make random 'mistakes' and cross them out at a frequency you choose.

These mistakes are randomly added on words with a length from 1 to 5 letters.

Note that, by default, the Scriptalizer™ is set to produce no mistakes.

You can choose the Scriptalizer™ to make 'mistakes' at the following frequencies:

  • None
  • 1 in 10
  • 1 in 50
  • 1 in 100
  • 1 in 1,000
  • 1 in 5,000

Once you have set this frequency, the Scriptalizer™ will continue to use this frequency until it is changed.

The Scriptalizer™ creates a 'mistake' by looking at each word and deciding whether it should be an error, based on the frequency that you have selected. If the word is going to be an error, one random letter is changed in the word and it is then crossed out by an error character of the correct length that you have provided.

This produces errors that are hardly ever identical, and adds further realism to the handwriting font.

(Note: If no error characters are provided with the font forms, a default single line will be used as the error character).


Clear button

Clicking the 'Clear' button will clear both windows.

Font Purchase and Font Download Buttons

Purchase custom font button

If you do not have your own custom-made font and are not logged into the Scriptalizer™, you will see a 'Purchase your own custom-made font' button. Click this will take you to our Premium 'Ultra' Handwriting Font page.

Font download link

When you are logged into the Scriptalizer™ to use a custom-made font, after having Scriptalized some text, a download button will appear after the mistakes selection box. This will allow you to download a copy of your font should you lose it.

Purchase button

If you are trying one of the pre-made fonts, then after having Scriptalized some text a two purchase buttons will appear after the mistakes selection box, allowing you to purchase the font you are trying out. Be sure to select the correct button. The 'Purchase TTF' button is for customers who have an inkjet or laser printer. The 'Purchase Single Line Version' button is for customers who have a pen plotter such as the AxiDraw or NextDraw.

Configuration File Button

Config Button

This button allows you to download the configuration file for the selected font and is not currently required.


Help button

Clicking the 'Help' button will take you to the Scriptalizer™ instructions page.

What if I have a lot of Handwriting I want Converted?

An API version of the Scriptalizer™ software is also available for companies who wish to convert a large amount of handwriting in one session. More Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In addition to the above instructions, there is a list of common frequently asked questions about the Scriptalizer™, and their answers.

Don't have your own Premium 'Ultra' font yet?

Scriptalizer(TM) logo

(If you don't have a custom-made Premium 'Ultra' font you can try a wide range of pre-made examples to see how the Scriptalizer™ works).

Example Premium 'Ultra' Fonts

If you like any of the pre-made example Premium 'Ultra' fonts that you have tried in the Scriptalizer™, and wish to use them in applications, you may purchase them using the link below.