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Microsoft® Word® Template Using the Scriptalizer™ Software (Windows Only)

Easily Scriptalize your Premium 'Ultra' handwriting font in Microsoft® Word® with a few keystrokes using our special template (Internet connection required).

The Premium 'Ultra' fonts used with the template must be purchased separately.

With our Microsoft® Word® template you can type your text in your handwriting font and add variation with the Scriptalizer™ software, all without leaving Microsoft® Word®. All you need to do is start a new document using the template and, once you've typed your text using a Premium 'Ultra' font, use Ctrl + Alt + s to add the Scriptalizer variation.
The template also has provision for handling multiple fonts.

The template supports the addition of 'mistakes' in your document. You can pre-define the frequency of these 'mistakes' when you purchase the template or, if you are happy editing code, you can change the frequency within the template yourself.

The Microsoft® Word® template is not compatible with single line fonts as they require software such as Inkscape that can handle this type of font.
PLEASE NOTE: The template uses our Scriptalizer API so an Internet connection is required for use.


  • A previously purchased pre-made or custom Premium 'Ultra' handwriting font
  • Operating System: Windows® Vista® or later
  • Microsoft® Word® 2003 (version 11.0) or later

Purchase & Download

Click the button below to purchase the Microsoft® Word® Template.

Within 24 - 48 hours of purchase your Microsoft® Word® template will be manually configured with a license code unique to you, plus any 'error' preferences if you have selected them, and you will then be provided with a download link.

How to use

Before using the template, don't forget to install your Premium 'Ultra' font(s). Installation instructions can be found here.
  1. Save the Scriptalizer-Word-Template.dot file somewhere on your PC.
  2. To start a new Microsoft® Word® document double click on the Scriptalizer-Word-Template.dot file.
  3. The new Word® document contains these instructions which you can delete to get started.
  4. Don't forget to save your new document.
  5. Type some text.
  6. Change the text to a Premium 'Ultra' font as supplied Quantum Enterprises.
  7. Select the text you want to Scriptalize (drag the cursor over it, or to select the entire document content press Ctrl-a).
  8. To Scriptalize the selected text use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-s to add variations.

For the Microsoft® Word® template to work, there are some simple pre-requisites:

  1. You must enable macros within Word
  2. You must have a version of Microsoft's XMLHTTP library installed on your machine (most Windows installations will have this by default, and the macro tries several different versions.)
  3. You will require a working connection to the internet
Note that because the API used by this template just deals with plain text, any formatting changes within your selected text will be lost when Scriptalizing. If your document contains different formatting (font styles, colours, outline levels, lists etc.) then you will need to select and Scriptalize each separate format block individually.
You may notice that, after Scriptalizing, Word flags most (or all) words as misspelt. This is because the Scriptalizer uses "extra" characters to display alternative glyphs, and these extra characters are not recognised by Word as being their normal English equivalents. Spell-check your document before Scriptalizing it.

If, after Scriptalizing, some of the characters have turned into strange symbols then you are probably using a later version of Microsoft® Word® which has auto-correct turned on. To resolve this you need to turn off auto-correct to prevent Word® from automatically changing symbol characters to a default symbol font.

Problems & Technical Support

The macro used in the template checks for most errors as it runs, and will pop up a message if it knows something has gone wrong, in most cases explaining what the problem is likely to be.

If there is an error, and before contacting us, you should check back through the above instructions to ensure that you have followed them correctly.

If you still cannot get the software to work, then please contact us.

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