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Scriptalizer™ Software - Version History

Scriptalizer (TM) Handwriting Font Software

The following list details the updates to the Scriptalizer™ software.

See the full current Scriptalizer™ specification (opens in a new window)

Version 6.4.1 (July 2023)
Bug Fixes:-
De-Scriptalizer was not working correctly.
Error characters had a double space after them.

Version 6.4 (April 2023)
Improved 'error' feature. Error characters are no longer random and are generally a replacement vowel to improve realism. Capital letters and punctuation marks / symbols are no longer replaced as errors to ensure error character length is more consistent.
Watermark added to Scriptalizer output to prevent unauthorised use (copy/paste).

Version 6.3 (December 2021)
Added 'Comma Off' button to prevent conversion of comma character in comma separated variables (CSV) files.

Version 6.21 (November 2021)
Bug fix. On some occasions capital letter substitutions were incorrect.

Version 6.20 (October 2021)
Added additional variations of existing single characters (twice as many)
Added additional variations of existing character pairs (twice as many)
Added another set of numeral variations
Added variable space characters (2 additional variations)
Added variable capitals (up to 3 additional variations per letter)
Added new letter pairs (‘of’, ‘ot’, ‘ou’, ‘ve’, ‘wa’, ‘wh’)
Added variations of common punctuation and symbols (e.g. ! , . @)

Version 6.12 (January 2018)
Bug fix - capitalised double letters (e.g. Aa) now Scriptalize correctly.

Version 6.11 (July 2017)
Bug fix - missing ending 'g's, 'y's and 't's fixed.
Debug function added.

Version 6.10 (March 2017)
Improved randomisation of 'errors'.
Code now based on DLL version.

Version 6.0 - Web Application (June 2015)

Version 5.10 (February 2014, Released 4th August 2014)
Added two additional capital 'I's.
Bug fix for ending 's'.

Version 5.00 (January 2014)
Alternative 'n' replaced. (Removed in version 4.31 due to defined character conflicts)
Additional 'r' at the start of words.
Additional 'r' and 's' at the end of words.
Additional 's', 'g', 'y', 't' and 'o' at the end of words

Version 4.31 (August 2013)
One of the alternative 'n's removed due to a conflict with Windows 7 characters..

Version 4.30
Anchor strokes appear on small letters at the start of the text and on each new line.

Version 4.22
Updated link for help page and added version number check..

Version 4.21
Updated link for help page

Version 4.20 (March 2011)
When there are double letters the second letter will be different to the first

Version 4.10
Anchor Stroke on the second letter of a word which starts with a capital letter.

Version 4.01
Font size bug fixed - now shows size from config file.

Version 4.00 (May 2010)
New design interface.
Blue bar now red gradient style.
Window positions now can change from horizontal and vertical.
De-Scriptalizer added
Help and Clear / Paste / Scriptalize / Copy buttons added.
Additional ending 'e's added.
'Version history' added under version number.

Version 3.00 (January 2009)
Alternative ending letters for e, o, p, w and x.
Alternative starting letter for x.
Crossing out of words now available.

Version 2.01 (December 2006)
Bug Fix: Words starting with r, s, m, n as the first character in the text were not changing - now fixed.

Version 2.00 (September 2006)
Alternative number set added. 'g', 'y' and 't' now changed if they are at the end of a word. Hitting the ENTER key in the top window no longer tabs down to the font size input window.

Version 1.05 (April 2006)
Ending strokes now appear on double letters
's' at end of words fixed

Version 1.04
Menu and shortcuts added

Version 1.03
Version number now in config file.
Double clicking the version number brings up version history

Version 1.02
Lower text changed to 7 point
Config buttons now same text font / size.
'Version' spelling fixed, font size now 7.
Quotes put around 'Ultra'.
Added progress bar.
Clear button instruction added

Version 1.01
Clicking top window for first time makes text disappear.
Clear button added / clears and adds instructions.
Warning message if no config file found.
Font size now in config file.

Version 1.00 (March 2006)

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