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SignaTYPE Signature Font Service

The SignaTYPE Service produces a high quality TrueType (and optional single line) font with from one to three signatures which can be added to documents with the press of a key.

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Signature service exampleThe SignaTYPE Service is designed for those people who want to be able to easily add an electronic version of their signature to documents, but do not want a full handwriting font.

If you would like to have a full handwriting font, which includes your signature, you can purchase the Standard Service or Premium 'Ultra' Service.

As with all font characters, signature fonts produce much clearer images than bitmap images (see example). Fonts can be magnified with no pixelation and loss of quality (although very high magnification will show how the image has been constructed). If you currently use a bitmap, jpeg or gif image version of your signature to sign documents, you will see a significant improvement if you use a font version.

Diagram showing how bitmap images pixelate

The SignaTYPE service allows you to create your own True Type signature font with up to THREE versions of your signature:

  • If you are purchasing the SignaTYPE BASIC service, you will provide just one example of your usual signature. (e.g. A. D. Hunt)
  • For the SignaTYPE PLUS service, you'll provide a second example. Perhaps this would be a less formal version (e.g. Andrew Hunt)
  • For the SignaTYPE GOLD service, you'll provide a third signature. This could be just your first name for a very informal document or letter (e.g. Andy)

You will be asked to assign your signature(s) to a key on the keyboard . All you will need to do to sign your document is press these keys. So, for example, if you want your first signature to appear when you hit the 'S' key, you need to specify this key when you make your purchase.

You will be required to complete only one form for the SignaTYPE Service. This form has spaces for up to three signatures, depending on the service you wish to purchase. For example, if you only wish to purchase the SignaTYPE BASIC service, then just provide one example of your signature.

Single Line Version

If you want to use your font with a pen plotter or other CAD application you will need to pay an additional cost to have it converted to single line (also known as single stroke). More information.


Print forms and follow instructions on-line -

SignaTYPE Basic (1 Signature)
£2.45 ($ *)

SignaTYPE Plus (2 Signatures)
£3.95 ($ *)

SignaTYPE Gold (3 Signatures)
£6.95 ($ *)

Additional cost of £8.00 ($ *) for single line version of font.

Wait time: Usually less than 48 hours.
(Please add an additional 5 to 7 days for a single line version of the font).